Zombie prep needs... TACTICS & STRATEGY

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    We discuss weapons etc all the time. But let's face it, none of that matters without a plan, or without a method of executing that plan.

    The greatest likelihood is not that you'll have to fight zombies out in the world. Instead, the encounter is most likely to be on your home turf. Specifically, in your home.

    This gives you a distinct advantage. But only if you have a plan of action ready to go.

    My home is a 'cape' style colonial. Two floors and a full basement. I have a light at the foot of the stairs that has a three-way switch; it turns on from upstairs.
    Odds are high the zombies will enter via the ground floor, and during the night.

    First decision: try to scare them off? Or surprise them?
    Neighbor has motion sensor lights, and I have home security signs posted. Haven't had a break-in, so perhaps that combo is doing the 'scare' job.

    But if they get past that, do I want sirens and lights blaring?
    Answer is NO. Because if they've gotten this far they must be determined.
    And if they are determined, I need as much surprise as I can muster.

    So the next step is: once I've been alerted, I need to assess accurately. Would not want those creaking floors downstairs turn out to be the wife getting a midnight snack when I take aim. So I'd have to ensure I know where all the residents of the house are, know they are upstairs with me.

    Provided they are indeed upstairs, next thing up is to load. Quietly. Load the crossbow, load the blowgun. Get some lead ball ready for the slingshot. Get all other weapons ready. Of course, you have to know where all components are to do this effectively in the dark.

    Then wait.

    When I hear the zombies at the foot of the stairs, close my eyes - and turn on the downstairs light. Then turn it off within a second.
    The zombies have now temporarily lost night vision, while mine is intact.

    Range:15 feet.
    Aim and fire the crossbow.
    Load, aim and fire the slingshot.
    Do it again.
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    First thing I'm doing is packing up my tools, weapons, some clothes etc and heading to a drugstore (good place for food and meds), preferably one with good access to a home improvement store, a gas station, and a grocery store. (Now that I think about it a particular CVS comes to mind, it's in the same plaza as a Lowe's and is next to a target, within walking distance of a home depot AND a gander mountain) barricade the drugstore and use it as base, second day I go out and get everything I can that will be in high demand lumber, tools, weapons, ie guns bows & ammo that sort of stuff. The gander mountain also has tannerite targets (the explosive ones) that I'd pack with bbs as mines that I'd shoot if the Z's got too thick

  3. If we are talking zombies there is no scaring them away. Noise is certainly a no no.

    But tactics & strat? Depends on the situation. Personally my home is armed with a LOT of knives, bows, slingshots, even a speargun. Only tactic I can think of in such a situation is put myself between my wife and Daughter and the attackers. I will gladly take a million wounds and continue to fight to save them. Failure in this case is no option... Death is certain however... You cannot protect something and not know that you WILL die...
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    My plan is to stay at home for a few days up to a week,until the biggest chaos is eaten away by the zombies.
    Next step is moving to my safeplace, surrounded by water. Takes me 1h with a car or 2d by bike, depending on the situation on the roads.
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    Ill just take the zombie bite. No worrying about plans and lots to eat ;)
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    I think the zombies will run out of food when those who will survive for long time are in the hideouts and the big rest has been eaten and/or turned into zombies.