Zombie Go Boom Special!

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  1. Moin moin,

    I had thought ... Do not play with food .... had to be?
    I too had found that it often is not good, just to show what, the 13-year-old copy a 900 degree hot cast aluminum with me - on wooden background, with false things, that could lead to an explosion. Is it good here, on Human (Human Zombies are undead) heads to spin .... a coconut would have been enough, right? When what we can read about in the tabloids ....

    Ich hatte gedacht... Mit essen spielt man nicht.... musste das sein?
    Auch hatte ich festgestellt, das es oft nicht gut ist, einfach was zu zeigen, so das bei mir 13 Jährige einen 900 Grad heissen Aluguss nachmachen - Auf Holzuntergrund, mit Falschen sachen, das hätte zur explosion führen können. Ist es hier gut, auf Menschliche (Zombies sind Menschliche Untote) Köpfe zu Schleudern.... eine Kokusnuss hätte gereicht, oder? Wann können wir in der Bild Zeitung was darüber lesen....
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    Come on, you can see real people getting shot on TV every day. The latest Till Schweiger "Tatort" flick brought three dead people within the first five minutes - Sunday, 8:15. My stuff is really harmless in comparison.

    I run a YouTube channel and have to listen to my audience. If I would be shooting small BBs at paper targets, noone would want to watch. There's enough such bore-you-to-death channels that noone ever watches on YouTube to prove that point.

    People want to see extreme things. I won't ever shoot at living creatures - but that is my only no-no.

    The wine was way too old, already at the very brink of being spoiled. Still drinkable, but no longer delicious.