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    Just watched a video about a guy who made a taser sword.


    Not sure about the legality of tasers in Germany but can make rudimentary tasers out of camera parts and stronger capacitors.

    Anyway, i saw that video and thought of Joerg Sprave, and what a marriage between a slingbow and taser sword would produce. Or even just taser ammunition. The Zeus Cannon.

    A shocking idea. :p

    However, i feel for legal reasons, this may never be a possibility.

    What are peoples thoughts about the possibility?
  2. I thinks to me what does all that deal slowly still with catapults?

    Old guns then electric shock film, etc.
    I can still understand knife somewhere!

    Thinks sometimes please that here also youthful the forum still visit no 16 years are old!

    Addiction to you, nevertheless, please the suitable forums for such weapons.

    It is here about catapults them a sports device are and around s and do not count some catapults also under this

    To do handicraft, moreover, with stream I find irresponsibly and very dangerously

    :confused: :confused: :rolleyes: :confused: :confused:
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  3. douganman90

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    I understand (i think) what your trying to say.

    However, if that is your stance, please explain to me why Mr Sprave has made:

    a sling/hammer with skull ejector,
    a slingbow which fires machetes,
    one which fires circular blades,
    one which fires adult pleasuring tools
    tests multiple weapons on skulls (with blood)
    has the witch hunter series which burns/decapitates/impales witches
    a biological weapon/syringe ammunition

    I'm sure an electrified projectile fits in quite fine with Mr Sprave's portfolio.

    I thank you for your comment however.
  4. What makes Jörg I do not question!
    99% of his things are connected with catapult and he is the founder and he must know what he makes and he says auchnwas to the danger!
    But an electric shock film has and will not obstruct he absolutely and not experiment already at all with stream!

    He knows what he does and how far he can go what according to the law is still to be represented!
    Any more I do not say in addition and I must also not discuss!

    It haist also the sllingshot forum! And there should also remain this!
  5. douganman90

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    Perhaps you misunderstand the purpose of my post.

    It was to introduce the idea of electrified projectiles not to replicate the taser sword.

    I would be interested to see whether it is possible to electrify ammunition such as shown in the video but not a sword.

    And i also appreciate that it may not be possible as a result of the German legal system, which i duly noted.

    However as i mentioned before, utilising a previously constructed slingbow, and incorporating electrified ammunition is what i was proposing.

    The video was just inspiration.
  6. Electricity isn't something to play!
    It's a weapon!
    And the electricity taking directly from the home net is awesome and terrible!
    It hasnt something to do with slingshot!
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  7. douganman90

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    I had never suggested to use mains electricity to power it up, hence why i mentioned camera parts. A battery will suffice.

    I am not trying to promote anarchy. Just ideas.
  8. Bert the Welder

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    Just barely. :D;)

    I think this is inline with this site. If it can be shot with a rubber based weapon, I think it's fair game. If worrying about every kid in the world was the responsibility of a website, this site wouldn't exist. Regular sling's could maim a kid or adult. Common sense and personal responsibility is what separates us here. There are some very fine youngsters on here that display more good sense than many. It's up to parents to imbue their children with good sense.
    I appreciate your thought Drachen, but all is just in fun and the spirit of excitement of that ones youthful side gets from taking an idea and going further and further with it. Joerg embodies this beautifully with this site and his creative antics.
    Long live playtime!!!
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    Good sharing. Thanks for posting video.