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  1. I am finally getting the pin sights and arrow rest for my slingbow based on the Boss Man's W frame slingshot. I hope to have it finished before Onnod get's the W frame I sent him so we can post them both at around the same time.

    EDIT: I forgot that I am already got TTB (25 feet) to use in the design, it is slow but strong from what I hear so should be fun to see how it performs.
  2. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    That's great! I'm looking forward to seeing this :)

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  3. It is the final version of the "Nothung" slingshot pictures I posted on the old forum, the W frame with a "clamp on" style band attachment and wrist brace. With the sight and arrow rest this time around of course lol.

    EDIT: Will normal leather pouches be able to hold up to doubled TTB?
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