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  1. Glaiceana

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    I remember years ago when I first saw a slingshot with a wrist brace attached, and being young I thought; "Wow that's so cool, a wrist support thing, awesome" But now I am more skeptical. <br><br>Just how useful are they while shooting? Do they help support your wrist at all? Make it any easier to draw? I'm just wondering about them in general, and how they compare to just having the slingshot as it is.
  2. Slingshots4Australia

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    As jorg says, "arm braces are only needed for poorly designed slingshots"<br><br>arm brace helps to counter the strain on the write from high forks<br>and to possibly allow you to attach stronger bands.<br><br>I personally have never had one, theyre illegal in my country, <br>but I dont see the need for one, all my slingshots have low forks and the stress on my wrist is minimal

  3. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    i have no experience with wrist braces, mainly because slingshot in general are illegal in the Netherlands and the braced ones are usually shop bought ones but since we have no shops to buy them, no braces
  4. Tysonspapa

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    Never Needed braces. If you are to weak to hold your slingshot you gotta work on it.
  5. Bert the Welder

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    I'm surprised if Joerg would say this as a general statement to include "space ship" style shooters. Those types that place the band mounts (forks) significantly forward, beyond the center of the handle would generally need a wrist brace. Even for someone like Joerg, with tree trunk forearms. Good for folks with physical difficulties and seniors.
  6. pelleteer

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    I agree with Bert. They make the radically extended fork starship or space ship style slingshots possible and they could be beneficial to someone who has limited hand and wrist strength due to deformity, injury, illness, or age. Other than those examples though, I don't find them necessary or even desirable. Wrist braces add a lot of bulk to a standard slingshot, making them more cumbersome to carry around, and pocket portability is one of the things that makes slinghots great. They definitely make heavy pull bands easier to draw on factory slingshots like some of the Trumarks or Saunders, etc., but only because of their high forks (as S4A said). They could redesign their slingshots with low forks and eliminate the need for the braces (not gonna happen, of course, lol). I still have several braced slingshots and I enjoy shooting them in the yard, but when I hit the field I take a non-braced model, as I much prefer them in general.
  7. JoergS

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    Arm braces are indeed needed for starships. It is dangerous to shoot a non braced starship as it will "want" to turn in your hand. Even weak bands are a no go. <br><br>You can eliminate the need for braces by using rollers. Rollers (or pulleys) can increase the draw without requiring a wrist stabilization. But rollers add friction and increase the draw weight. Hence, you can't use very heavy rubber. <br><br>A non draw length increased slingshot that needs braces is indeed a bad design (e.g. fork too high, handle not comfortable). <br><br>I don't like starships very much, they are clumsy and awkward. But they do add speed.
  8. Flipgun

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    <div>I've always had to put the braces in a vice and bend them pretty severely to make them fit my arm. But after making and shooting my own, production ones don't have any appeal. They will probably gather dust until scavenge parts off of them to make something else.</div><div class="clear"></div><div class="signature_div">
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  9. Glaiceana

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    Thanks for all the replies on this topic guys, I understand the wrist braces a lot more now.