Will this work?

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  1. 4foruglenncoco

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    I was wondering if this would work to make micarta, just built this jig, what do u guys think?
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  2. Flipgun

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    I'm not real up on the subject but it looks like it should. There is a guy on the other forum that is making micarta by cutting the cloth into little scraps, mixing it in the resin and scraping it into a mold rather than do layers. It make a nice camo style pattern.

  3. WildBill

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    It looks okay to me, but the guy to ask is Be.

    -Wild Bill
  4. Achso_42

    Achso_42 Senior Member

    I think the gaps are a problem, other than that it looks fine.
    This could also be used for melting and mixing HDPE.
  5. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Definitely ask BeMahoney to weigh-in. He's become the resident expert on homemade micarta. He has a pretty advanced rig he built for this purpose. I agree with Achso though, those gaps could be a problem. In the videos I've seen, the edges are usually tight up to the micarta layers so they can't slip around during compression. The other concern is getting the compression on the layers very level so you get rid of air bubles and have very consistent layers when you're done.
  6. 4foruglenncoco

    4foruglenncoco Member

    It is lined with foil now, the whole thing, I actually made those holes on purpose and i poked very tiny holes in the foil in the area for drainage purposes for extreme exces
  7. BeMahoney

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    Hey 4foruglenncoco,

    I learned it from LW!-.... He also made a tutorial about it (which I must refuse
    to search for right now; see his profile, then his threads..)

    Gaps are unacceptable. To me aluminum foil works ok (two layers, because
    of possible occurance of holes), but I still spray "Waxilit" on it, the name
    says all about it.. Also "holes for drainage" are unacceptable, if you´re
    dealing with epoxy, that stuff is a glue!..

    The rig itself should have plain surfaces, otherwise any structure will be
    copied (which is ok if you want that, meaning extra grinding time if not)

    Next thing that´s important is how thick your platter shall be?
    I made (only) two platters yet, each around 16mm thick, consisting of about
    25 layers of half the size as yours..
    With a resin that has a pot time of rd 40min...

    The excess in my rig is compensated by a gap betwen the layers and the rig..

    Hope that helped, as well as I hope you have good success!


  8. 4foruglenncoco

    4foruglenncoco Member

    I'm actually using fiberglass resin because its cheaper and I saw LW's thread it's just that I couldn't find that kapa fix anywhere so I made it out of wood. Plus I wanted my micarta to be at least 3/4 inch thick(72 pieces of construction paper) so my "walls" r 12mm high