Why I love Linseed Oil So Much

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    Here is a quick pic showing why I love to use Linseed Oil so much.<br><br>Being one of the easiest and cheapest finishes around, I believe nothing matches or even comes close to linseed oil for bringing out the natural beauty and grain structure in a wood at a very cheap price.<br><br>Another benefit of Linseed Oil is that it polymerizes, not dries. It is one of the few finishes that actually strengthen the wood by filling the microscopic pores and protects the wood against denting. Linseed Oil is used in the manufacture of nearly all quality willow cricket bats.<br><br>It is also one of the most populour finishes for:<br><br><ul><li>Pool cues<br>Rifle Stocks<br>Woodwind instruments<br>Stringed instruments, especially guitars, mandolins and violins<br>Traditional wooden surfboards<br>Interior and exterior furniture</li></ul>
    <br><br>Enough blabbering, here is the pic,<br><br>Shows alongside is the raw piece of teak the frame was cut from.<br><br>The frame has been finished with no others stains or varnishes, just 3 days soaking in a can of Linseed Oil mixed 50/50 with mineral spirits. It is now waiting to cure.<br><br><img src="http://i40.servimg.com/u/f40/17/00/53/32/img_2410.jpg" border="0" alt="">
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    Nice one, it's really red! What did it look like before oil? Like the piece around it?<br>By the way I'm not a fan of the sharp edges on the sides, they tend to hurt my fingers some times.