Which super glue to purchase? or

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    Can anyone point me in the direction of which super glue to purchase from an India at which store?


    I was looking at the Anaerobic Adhesives super glue but on most of the website, they state not for use with bone china which I assume also rules out bone nuts? Not that I need it now for that purpose but finding a good product and sticking with it is what I like to do. I just get the best information from check out http://www.parsonadhesives.com


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    if you have some pieces you can test with,
    id try a gel CA (superglue) from the market, but for that site, the stuff under parfix

    CA is moisture and CO2 reactive, id wet both pieces using a drop or 2 of water
    spread with finger, let it air dry for 10 min or so then try gluing

    gels cure much slower than the pure extra runny stuff, so you might wana find an "activator"
    or "accelerator" (same thing just brands will use diferent terms)

    i havent used it for bone, but ive had good experiance using
    this brand, http://www.caglue.com/
    though they say they will ship whereever customs allow,
    they say to try going through one of their distrubutors closer to your country
    india is not in the list but other countries are closer

    but i would just try the most expensive choice available in a local store before
    paying out all those shipping and customs fees
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    Expensive doesn’t mean better! Essentially all superglues are made from the same plastic invented during the war as British scientists tried to find a quicker and easier way to make bomber sights for their aircraft as glass was still an expensive and difficult material to work, so it’s fine if you get the cheaper versions. Only when you start getting the gel types does the composition vary!

    I understand that the first bomber guy to try dropping a bomb with it gave a big wink (no this bit ain’t really true )
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