Which slingshot?

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  1. SlingingDave

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    Hey guys i am looking to buy a slingshot and i was not sure which one. i was thinking to buy one of gamekeeper johns or one of joergs from milbro, which one should i buy?
  2. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    i have no experience with both, so i can't help you, sorry

  3. Cracticus

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    1. You wouldn't know what's right untill you can make it.<br><br>2. The best forks grow on trees... Sticks and stones have taken more game than any of our setups.<br><br>A1. GK chunky milbro mk3 is a good starter because its not overly sculpted, this means you can see what your happiest shooting with. -See what others suggest and talk to John.<br><br>N.B. The important thing I would say is get a set of bands you can pull. While Everyone is different, a very light set of bands and slow ammo cheap ammo can match the speed and drop of a more powerful setup. The difference is you will not be fighting the heavy draw. Secondly a really low force means you can try different anchor points to see what you're happy with.
  4. Mattyboo

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    I started when I was 10 with a home made catty that I had whittled and picked the fork out of the bush all with my dad teaching and helping me all the way. I have been through verious cattapults that I have made and been given but none have been as good as my milbro pocket predator with double Theraband gold on.