What's your ammo preference?

Discussion in 'General Slingshot Discussions' started by kohlqez, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Steel Balls

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  2. Lead Balls/Pellets

    8 vote(s)
  3. Marbles

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  4. Rocks

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  5. other

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  1. kohlqez

    kohlqez Accident-Prone

    I was wondering what you guys like to use for ammo. We all know Joerg likes his steel balls and rockslinger likes his rocks, but what are your preferred projectiles?
    I personally shoot what I can find, generally rocks and the occasional marble. I would like to graduate to lead casting but that seems like a lot of work (finding lead, melting lead, casting lead, etc.) I figure the basic ammo categories people on the forum shoot are marbles, rocks, steel balls, and lead balls. Which do you shoot? If you're not committed to one type of ammo you can choose multiple.

    If your preferred ammo is not on the list post it in a comment I'm interested to see what you guys sling
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  2. Ghosth

    Ghosth Over the hill but still swinging!

    Lead, I have a few steel balls I've tried, and a few marbles, but lead is by far my favorite.
    I'm shooting .445 caliber round lead balls (correctly sized for .45 cal muzzleloader)

    Rocks are just too unpredictable, ok in a pinch but not as accurate or as heavy hitting as lead.

    Taconite pellets I have not had the chance to try. I do know they vary some in size, but they should be fairly heavy and consistent. If I didn't have the mold and tools to do lead I'd of bought taconite pellets.

  3. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    At the moment I'm using 5/16 hex nuts. I do plan to do lead casting once I relocate as lead is easy to get. Just go to your friendly neighborhood tire shop and they'll have a bucket full of used wheel weights you can melt down, and they'll usually let you have them for free.

    -Wild Bill
  4. kohlqez

    kohlqez Accident-Prone

    While it is true many older tires have/had lead wheel weights, most modern wheels have zinc or magnesium ones. (Not sure if it's actually zinc or magnesium but I know it's not lead)
    I've been using hex nuts a lot lately too
  5. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    I've got a box with an assortment of various ammo types. I like shooting steel and marbles for the most part, but I also keep gumballs around - they're cheap and they shoot well. I have yet to try hex nuts or lead - I have yet to find a good source for some nice lead balls and I'm not interested in casting my own at this time.
  6. Ravensbull

    Ravensbull New Member

    .45 & .50 self cast lead. I like the 3/8"×1/2" lead cylinders made with homemade wooden moulds designed by Charles over on SSF too. Easy to make them and you can melt lead in a cut down soup can with a kink for pouring and a cheap propane torch.
  7. VWscooby

    VWscooby Senior Member

    Usually use 9mm steel ball bearings. There is a company quite close to me that sell them cheaply. I have recently bought a few 16mm marbles to fire from a gloveshot Ive just built but not had a chance to see how I get on with them yet.

    Like the idea of gumballs, cheap, accurate and tasty :)
  8. slingashot

    slingashot Over 50's Member

    Steel balls, Lead balls and marbles - steel and lead balls ranging from 8mm to 12mm for use with my catchbox, therefore retrievable. Cheapo marbles are used in the field for cans, bottles, leaves and anything other makeshift targets that take my fancy. the lead balls I use are the ones used for fishing, with the hole through them for fishing line. They are available in varying sizes.