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Okay, now I need help. What is the perfect pouch design for shooting both arrows with nocks AND steel/lead balls with release aid?
I was thinking on the lines of Chief AJ pouch:

Make a hole in the center and attaching the D-loop but then the nock string. What's the best material for that and could I make a knot on the backside, past through to the other side, then back and past the hole on the backside? Making any sense? Sorry for the bad drawing...

Hope this new drawing helps. Red is string on backside of pouch sitting flat, green on frontside, blue is the D-loop. The hole would be only for the nock to fit through, balls would be bigger than the hole

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This is a good idea, and I really like the thinking behind it. Versatility is always good!
I would be concerned on two areas though. The pouch will likely be slowed down by the drag of the extra string when it comes time to shoot round ammo. My other concern would be about a potential 'return to sender' shot. I just get nervous when I see an untested pouch design that may cause the ball to not release.
I don't mean to sound like I'm 'thinking holes' in your design, I just don't want an accident to occur. Please test this wearing safety stuff!
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Moin moin,

For spheres, it can cause a problem! You can not lie right back in the pouch. Because the pouch by pulling back is too tight drawn.
When accelerating, the ball reaches further back, which makes the shot but inaccurate.

I currently have it on my Sniper.

Either 2 leather stick together, and glue the loop with, then we might as well glue a small piece of metal ('' washer) or magnet.
Or feed them to provide leadership by Side.

Try it, I have not yet, the ideals found what convinced me! But event. hates you still a good idea?[email protected]/

Bei Kugeln, kann es zu einem Problem kommen! Sie können hinten im Pouch nicht richtig anliegen. Weil die Pouch durch das ziehen hinten zu eng zugezogen wird.
Beim beschleunigen gelangt die Kugel weiter nach hinten, was den Schuss aber ungenauer macht.

Ich habe es bei meiner Sniper momentan.

Entweder 2 Leder aufeinanderkleben, und den Loop mit einkleben, dann kann man gleich ein kleines Metallstück (''Unterlegscheibe) oder Magnet mit einkleben.
Oder durch eine Seitliche Führung mit Auf füttern sorgen.

Versuch es, ich habe auch noch nicht, das Ideale gefunden, was mich überzeugt! Aber event. hasst du ja noch eine gute Idee?

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I like the idea using the biscuit as a rest. What do you think of Leather shoe lace for a knock sting??

and i would forget shooting balls when you have the makings of a good arrow launcher:) I cant wait to see it..

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