what is the best slingshot rubber for hunting

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  1. jackharley

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    what is the best slingshot rubber for hunting
  2. EyAlter

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    I use truck tire inner tubes when hunting elefants.

  3. NyamNyam

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  4. Achso_42

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    Thera Band Gold or Black, at least 2 layers.
    Practice a lot before hunting and make sure that you get clean hits.

    Do not post pictures of the animals you hit, the last thread doing so was hijacked and drowned in recipes:)
  5. beaverIII73

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    Gust remember if you are hunting with rubber that you will have to hunt on warmer days. I have had some good lessons this week on how the cold will affect your rubber. Below 40F it looses power fast and you might get one good shot then you have warm it back up.
  6. kohlqez

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    I'd recommend tubes (thera tube silver or black), just because they are more durable then flatbands, I think it would be rather annoying to have a shot lined up, pull back, have your band snap, have your quarry escape, and have to attach a new bandset. However if you're only concerned with the power flatbands are definitely the way to go, but I'd bring several bandsets or better yet several slings to avoid ending up without a functioning slingshot and wasting a trip.
  7. Moin moin,

    If you yourself do not know which one claims to the latex for hunting needs .....

    And how you have to edit it ....

    Am I seriously believe that you did not hate the maturity for hunting ....

    Occupy yourself further with slings, and practice the hit of your "goals" ...

    If you do that, it is unnecessary to question .....

    Wenn du selber nicht weißt, welche ansprüche man an das Latex zum Jagen braucht.....

    Und wie du es bearbeiten musst....

    Gehe ich schwer davon aus, das du die Reife, zum Jagen noch nicht hasst....

    Beschäftige dich weiter mit Schleudern, und übe das treffen deiner "Ziele"...

    Wenn du das machst, erübrigt sich die Frage.....
  8. Bismaliho

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    Double sided theraband tubes of red

    suits my hunting needs durable and super elastic
  9. VWscooby

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    Around 1 ft/lb of transferrable energy will kill a rabbit. Now all you have to do is work out intial power of your bandset for the chosen ammo, range, windage, elevation and target acquisition. Accuracy is infinitly more important than power when hunting
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  10. egmont

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    i dont have much experience with different kind of rubber simpely because teraband gold works so well though i have tryed out different tubes. i use tappered bandset 5-4 cm per side. i will not recoment black or silver tubes because of the power needed to pull them and if you use a to heavy bandset it will dammage your precision. but it also depends on you ammo, i use 12.7mm .50cal half inch. lead and i find it perfect for my bands but if you fx use 10mm lead or annything lighter 50cal you might not need as heavy bands as i use. about the lifetime of you bandset ill just say that i dont know how your guys make your flatbandsets but i can get 500+ shots out of my flatbandsets so i will not say that flatbands are unreliable hope the info was useable.