What do you guys think about this?

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    Hey girls & guys,
    Boulette( one of my members) made a slingshot with a particular way/manner for attaching the bands. I asked him if i could use his pictures to show you and he agreed. I think everyone here knows the slot method but i never saw them "placed" like this.

    Here before oiling it he banded it to show us what it will look like.

    It is the second slingy he made, first one was really cool looking but he wasn' t satisfied. Can' t wait to see what he is gonna come up with next time...
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  3. Will

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    He did a great, job on this, the details are amazing and I hope you will relay our comments to him!
    I've never seen slots that long before, especially running parallel with the fork arms, but I do like the idea.
    I wonder if its even necessary to take the bands back over the top of the forks with a design like this?
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  4. tokSick

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    Sorry Otees but i can' t see anything from the link you gave us.

    Sure i will relay the comments. That was the idea because Boulette seems like he is never satisfied with his own work. The low attachment he made makes the slingshot very close to Joerg' s Hammerhead for shooting i think.
  5. Brazilviking

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    Nice!!! Ask him about possible fork hits!
  6. Absolutely great and amazing job!

    Beautiful Slingshot!

    Very nice laminating of the woods!

    Attaching the bands in that way is great!

    I hope that break not with this double therabands because the fork is there very small!

  7. Will

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    That is too bad, he should be proud of producing (and designing) shooters of this quality! And I agree, the design is very similar to a hammerhead style.
  8. dannytsg

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    That is a beautiful SS and that way of fixing bands looks very simple and efficient.
  9. Schultz

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    Beautiful and Simple!
    1 + ;)
  10. Saderath

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    Awesome idea! Your work keeps getting better and better my friend!
  11. LW

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    First of all, a great idea, and a great looking slingshot, even if it should turn out that it has more disadvantages, new ideas are always good for the imagination and development.

    So with your permission, I would like to list a few advantages and disadvantages

    -Almost to shoot only in hammer grip style
    (With bands from 30 mm at the fork for (my favorite wide) a support style shooting would make the slingshot form very difficult.)
    -Cutting the Bands is not that easy in the required length of about 50 cm or more.
    -You have to use double Band sets
    -This method requires a very stable design of the fork (not a really disadvantage, but not possible with every fork design)
    -When the double Band breaks, you have to replace the hole Bands to preserved the symmetry of this System.
    -Because of the defined size of the slots in the fork, it is difficult to use TTG and / or TTB.

    -Very rapid change of bands, when Bands are broken or you just want to use others.
    -Very easy to attach the Bands to the fork, even my three year old daughter could do this...:D
    -The system with the small tube is a kind of self centering the bands...according to the different length of them when using double Bands.

    All in all a good concept, what is worth to work on it, perhaps to achieve improvements. :)
  12. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    very cool, i like this idea!
  13. Thistle

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    @ tokSick

    Maybe Flicks will chime in on this one. He's been exploring top-slot attachment methods, and I think he has become a dedicated fan of the efficiency and clean look of it. His tests have been successful! I TRUST his opinion.

    I also like the look and convenience of a no ties or snap-n-go band attachment system.

    I'm wondering if Boulette mentioned how well it shoots for him. I looked at the various attachment methods documented at the melchiormenzel site. Personally I think this is still different than anything I'm seeing over there. I suppose you could compare it to a Milbro-style (match sticks or pins). I don't think so because of the way he is slotting those in there horizontally from the side.

    But I'm not claiming to have seen everything, so I dunno. I think he should own this idea himself, especially if he likes the way this attachment method shoots for him. I"d be curious about that.

    Very, very nice slingshot! He should be happy. It's a beautifully crafted slingshot! Maybe we should have a look at that first one too. ;)
  14. tokSick

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    @ Saderath: Thank you for the nice comment but i didn' t make that slingshot, Boulette from my forum made it. ;)

    Thanks to all of you for the feedback. I'll try to summarize your comments and translate them for Boulette.
  15. flicks

    flicks ...lost in the woods....

    Wow, never seen this kind of attachment before. Thistle is right - this method is unique.

    First of all please tell your friend that he did a very good job. The design of the shooter looks really nice, is well crafted and he had the courage to try something new (which is most important imho)

    Anyhow, I think he has to consider a few things (just my 2 cents):
    Some points have already been mentioned by LW
    - cutting bands in this length is tricky, more than ever when they are tapered
    - the usage of double band sets
    - the stress on the fork

    In fact the weakest point on the fork is the end of the slot. It seems that he is using 30 mm double TBG straight cut, which quite heavy stuff. Please do not underestimate the stress on the fork. The stick in the rubber-loop will try to push the upper and lower part of the fork apart. It seem that the orientation of the grain is with the fork. One idea could be to add an endcap to the fork and/or the grain of the inlay on the fork should be angled 90 degrees to the grain in the fork which will prevent the fork from tearing apart. A little bit difficult to explain, maybe the pic will make it clearer.

    Again, a very nice concept and -as aready mentioned- worth to work on. Please ask your friend about his shooting experiences and if he is satisfied.
    Thanks for sharing tokSick!

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