Weaponized Applesause

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    backstory: in the world of spud guns people without chronys often mention plywood penitration to help people gauge roughly how powerful their creations are. Long ago I tried to imagine an unpractical projectile for an air cannon. Then I thought "wouldn't it be epic to shoot apple sauce through plywood". I forgot about that, and I didn't have an extremely powerful cannon until recently, then when I saw JoergSprave's new video I remember and decided to make this video while fulfilling my old dream.


    I hope you like it and perhaps it will inspire you to try your own food related projects

    P.S. in case you couldn't tell the whole AMERICA thing is a joke, I don't actually act or sound like this irl even though I have a mullet :)
  2. Moin moin,

    Not bad, but you play with food?
    Is this a haberdashery for George, with the stones?
    What is missing are high-speed recordings ....

    Nicht schlecht, aber spielt man mit Essen?
    Ist das eine herrausforderung für Jörg, mit den Steinen?
    Was fehlt sind hochgeschwindigkeits Aufnahmen....

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    There is something very satisfying about firing applesauce (in either state) from a cannon. And penetrating plywood...well that's just a bonus:D
    Nice video and great cannon!