Weaponising bikes

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    I recently made my first slingshot after being inspired (and endlessly entertained) by Joerg's YouTube videos. I had an old bike with bent forks and it occurred to me that they were about the right shape. So, here you go...


    I cut the forks down to the right length and smoothed off any sharp edges where you hold it. The wrapping on the handle is standard handlebar tape that I had spare with white electrical tape at each end to keep it on. The black things at the top of the fork arms are P/pipe clips which I put on to stop the bands slipping off the top of the forks, but I don't think they're necessary and I might cut the arms down further. Originally it was banded with bike innertubes with a pouch made from a tyre (I was going for entirely bike), but they were way too slow so I switched to double theraband green with a leather pouch.

    It's good for shooting hammer grip or finger-and-thumb style. It seems to be fairly accurate, although I'm just using stones so they are a bit wayward. I'm wondering about turning the handle into a magazine for 20mm steel balls with a sprung stop to keep them in, but there are too many windows where I use it so I think I'll stick to lighter stuff right now.
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    cool seems resistant and powerful, probably a little heavy

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    About 400g, so pretty heavy. Definitely not one for hunting (because of the chrome too), but I just use it for garden plinking.
  4. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    cool, every time i look at a bike i think of this, and finally someone made one :)
  5. But when you want to drive your bycicle what would you do?


    Why dont you circle your bike to the top?
    You could take the big fork and drive your cycle when you return the wheel!

    Nice slingshot!