Video: Traditional Swedish woodworking

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    Pretty cool, I love the handdrill mostly :)

    Maybe FIAAO or somebody else who knows the language can translate the annotations ? :)
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    Cool! Ill take a look later today when Im on my computer :)

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    I like to think that mane have made a few spoons in his life before this one.
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    and that's what 10,000 hours of hand work gets ya. Wow.
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    I watched the whole thing and am a better person for it.

    Also, that bit at the end with the bearded guy fighting that bear was awesome.
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    Cool vid! I enjoyed it a lot :)

    I found this rough translation online, so untill FIAAO helps us out, i have this for you :p

    writes: Let me try to translate the texts in the film.
    Gothenburg, Sweden

    00:03 Anniversary exhibition, Göteborg 1923. Culture historical film series.
    (This must have been the 300 years anniversary of the foundation of Göteborg.)

    00:05 Clog manufacturing, Kungssäter parish, Västergötaland county.
    (This is about 40 miles west of Gothenburg.)
    (in the forest areas wooden craft was a common duty. This film was recorded in conjunction to the 1923 Gothenburg university exhibition.)

    00:13 In the forest areas west of Borås (Borås city is about 38 miles west of Gothenburg) wooden craft is pursued in many parish.

    00:32 A special carpentry cabin often belongs to the farm.

    00:42 In some places one have specialized in manufacturing of chairs.

    00:51 The wood is Alder (tree of the genus Alnus)

    01:35 The blanks is wedged in to the Clog mare (like female horse)

    01:58 "Täxlan" ( I don't know what that the English name for that tool is)

    02:15 "Naver." ( I don't know what that the English name for that hand drill is)

    02:34 "Råske." could may be translated like roughing out spoon.

    03:43 "Lella slättjärnet." "the small smoothening carving tool"

    04:01 "Stora slättjärnet" "the large smoothening carving tool"

    06:27 Anniversary exhibition, Göteborg 1923. Culture historical film series.

    06:30 Manufacturing of wooden spoon. Bollebyggd parish, Älvsborgs county (About 25 miles west of Gothenburg)

    07:08 "Täxla." ( I don't know what that the English name for that tool is)

    07:58 "Skeajärn." could may be translated like spoon tool.

    08:29 Chair maker in Bollebyggd

    08:39 Bollebyggd parish in Älvsborgs county is since long a location were wood craft is commonly pursued.

    08:50 The products are simpler furniture, buckets (manufactured like wooden barrels of thin ribs and a couple of steel bands around) and smaller wood crafts items.

    08:54 Högsgärde farm is typical for the area.

    09:17 In some places they have specialized in manufacturing of chairs.

    09:29 Like this a Chair is manufactured in Bollebyggd.

    09:32 The blanks is shaped with an ax.

    09:43 Note the simple work bench.

    10:10 The manufacturing is standardized. Marking of the mortises is done with a template.

    10:45 The back cross beams.

    13:10 Painting

    13:50 the seat

    14:29 The carpentry cabin. There is one at most of the farms in the parish.

    14:33 The wood craft is driven on carriages to the marketing area, often a larger city as Gothenburg or Åmål or others.
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    Why do you guys send good videos at the bad moment everytime, i cant watch it right now, cause i'm on a small vacation near the german border