Video call with head of monetization

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    you mentioned it and here I am posting...

    the reason you get a call is because they want to calm the waters. And they think they have the right tools for it.


    a) we are a bit in trouble
    b) we will throw them a bone so they stop barking

    I'm not sure if the video call is meant to be public or not. But in any case, especially if public, you have to be well prepared. You are probably not the first one they will talk to, and the info is probably out there already, on what they want to do. Don't expect they will disclose this type of info to you first, and only to you. But from what I read it's peanuts. It won't solve the issue

    > We will closely monitor signals like community strikes, spam, and other abuse flags to ensure they comply with our policies. Both new and existing YPP channels will be automatically evaluated under this strict criteria and if we find a channel repeatedly or egregiously violates our community guidelines, we will remove that channel from YPP.

    Ein alter Hut

    > Greater transparency and simpler controls over where ads appear

    I am quite sure the tags that get assigned to your videos will not be favorable to you.
    This is the same old hat or no? you remember the tags that were disclosed with youtube videos? I am sure they will assign tags to your channel that do not reflect reality.

    Yes "slingshot channel is dangerous etc" and it is true. Your content is not supposed to be watched by young children. But it is not as bad as a machine would portray it. I think you won't see many ads.

    I have high doubts that this youtube ads patch will have any benefits to you at all

    or just google yourself `head of global monetization youtube` with time restriction `past year`
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    e.g. in this case, an important question would be if _you_ can see what categories your videos are in, and if you can change or dispute categories you get put in