Two bronze hand made

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    IMG_20200201_142811.jpg IMG_20200201_142811.jpg IMG_20200201_142811.jpg IMG_20200201_142922.jpg IMG_20200201_143831.jpg IMG_20200201_143839.jpg I have made these two slingshots over a few years from original slingshots made in wood first, then moulded in wax, modified and later cast in bronze. They are still a work in progress, as they come out of the foundry in fairly rough condition and have to be fully filed down, rasped, welded to fill any cavities, sanded, rasped, filed, sanded and polished.

    I get way too impatient as I made these out of bronze so I can shoot with them. They shoot the best out of any slingshot I own, and I set them up for 1oz lead balls which are 3/4" or 19mm. Usually 12" of theraband gold1 1/2" tapered to 1" and usually two layers. I have played with other set ups and longer bands with more theraband gold are better. They are a constant work I. Progress but like a well used Olympic pistol, it will always be a bit tough and never perfect. Maybe one day I will shot peen the outside for a better textured feel.
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