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    Hi, I have some theratube green,and I was wondering ways to attach it to the fork, as I noticed that using the rubber tight traditional method used for bands is not as solid and smeometimes comes off, so it will be helpful if any of you give me a more solid and apropiate method for fork attachment in tubes, for pouch I use the constrictor knot method and seems to do well, but if there is a better one tell me please...
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    What kind of slingshot do you have?<br><br>I attach my tubes with strips of about 8 mm I cut from bicycle tubes. They are strong!<br><br>Also I fold the end back and wrap it with the strips to make slip impossible. <br><br>You can also put a sleeve over the tubes where you attach it to the fork using fishing twine or some kind of string only. I did this before I used bicycle tube.

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    by traditional method do you mean where you slip the tube onto the prong? if your using lubrication you have to wait for that to dry and i think your suppose to slip the tube like 2 inches onto the prong.
  4. onnod

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    You can attach them just like flats