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Discussion in 'Conventional slingshots' started by AhnkoChee, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. AhnkoChee

    AhnkoChee Hawaiian Slinger

    Any love for the Trumark FS-1 here? I really like the FS-1 for an affordable made in USA design with great features like folding wrist brace, ammo storage in handle, and aluminum construction so light yet strong. I used to own a Wrist Rocket as a kid, and have owned my FS-1 for a couple years now and think they are great and a great bargain in a entry level slingshot. I added the RR2 tubes for more speed and highly recommend them. Best part is they run around $12.99 online. If you haven't already, give the FS-1 a try! ;)

  2. Tubes

    Tubes weird kid in the corner

    I got it for 99 cents a a gas station...and put a fishing reel and. Whisker biscuit on it.

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  3. VWscooby

    VWscooby Senior Member

    I dont think that we get that this side of the pond but it looks like a lot like the Barnett Black Widow. Ive heard that the Trumark bands are better quality but I have to admit I find this design pretty horrible to shoot :(
  4. Jeremy

    Jeremy Senior member who totally rocks a pink Scout! Pink

    I have two of them. I agree they are a great beginner shooter. I have not used the red bands, but do enjoy shooting the black heavy bands on them.

    I rarely shoot mine now though, since I have a Scout and Maxim. I also shoot my BB shooter quit a bit.
  5. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    I don't have a Trumark slingshot, I prefer my Marksman version but have to admit since I started shooting other styles and homemade slingshots I rarely ever touch the Marksman. My Marksman does have Trumark tubes on it though.
  6. JoergS

    JoergS Administrator

    I visited Trumark a while ago and saw how that slingshot was made!


    Here in Germany wrist braces are illegal, and I don't think they are needed for the red tubes anyway. But there is nothing wrong with this slingshot. Sturdy, safe, well made, very affordable.
  7. GunGuy

    GunGuy Active Member

    I have a couple of them one is so old and used that the foam wrist pad fell apart.
  8. AhnkoChee

    AhnkoChee Hawaiian Slinger

    I was thinking about trying Thera-Band Silver tubes the next time taking better advantage of the wrist brace.
  9. Brazilviking

    Brazilviking Thread Hijacker

    I advice you to use the black thera rube first. Apparently, there are 2 brands of TT Silver, one of those that is to hard to pull for a slingshot.
  10. Bushmaster

    Bushmaster New Member

    I bought one after watching Joerg's video. That got me interested in the forum and thus building, or more accurately, finding and refining naturals. It's sitting on the shelf now but it served its purpose well.
  11. studer1972

    studer1972 scooter trash

    The FS-1 is my current go to slingshot. The standard tubes have adequately shot every ammo I've tried with them. I have had no fork hits or RTS. The high, wide forks make fork hits unlikely. I also like that Trumark is 100% American made. When my standard bands break on it, I have a couple sets of the heavy waiting. For the RRT tubes, I got an FSXFO. Can't wait to put 5/8" glass and 3/8" steel through it in the spring. If a klutz like me can lay down accurate fire with a Trumark, just about anyone can. I have heard that the aluminum rods that Trumark uses for their frames can bend if really heavy bands are used on them but I can't confirm if this is true as of yet.

    The gum rubber on my Wham-O Sportsman is good for heavy ammo but puts a curve on 5/8" marbles. TBG pulls like a dream, but goes wild if the ammo and bands aren't matched fairly closely. Trumark's tubes pull smooth, hit hard, don't break the bank, and I can buy them at Fleet Farm nearby.
  12. Arturo Borquez

    Arturo Borquez Administrator

    I think it's a good choice for beginners, I had almost the same frame without the brace ... mine is completely and definitely retired (RIP) as I've evolved to narrow/low forks frames and like VWscooby said that design is simply "horrible" from a shooter viewpoint, maybe meets mass production standards (cheap, easy assembly ... etc) ...
  13. buckshot500

    buckshot500 Hoonigan Jeeper

    For me, this is the type of slingshot I grew up with.

    I look forward to trying some new shapes and materials though.

    Seeing this video (Thanks Joerg) make me curious how well those sights work. Pretty good idea with the swiveling fork mounts too.