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    Hey all it's been a long time since I've been here and posting.<br> But I thought you might like this idea!! For those looking for a nice trigger for your<br>sling-bow rifles I found something that's strong and works quite nice.<br>Find yourself a brake lever from an old bicycle and strip it down to just the lever itself<br>and you have a very nice trigger assembly. I'm currently back working on sling-rifle project<br>and was needing a good strong trigger and being a bicycle mechanic on the side I decided to try<br>it and it works very well. Now some of you may want to cut it down a little bit to fit your needs.<br>But all in all it's great at least for me it is.
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    That' a great idea <img src="" alt="Idea" longdesc="18">. It is easy to find parts from broken bicycle. Thanks for sharing.