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    I have a hard time identifying tree species and have noticed on some postings about natural forks that I'm not alone. I found a smart phone app called "Leaf Snap" that helps sometimes. You take a picture of the leaf on a white background and download it. The App then lists photos of similar leaves and their identities for you to compare to. If that isn't definitive enough it also lists geographic range, pictures of bark, seeds, flowers etc. This may be old news but I just discovered it and it works pretty well so far. By the way, does the type of wood in a natural fork matter too much as long as it is thick and sturdy enough in your estimation? I'm having a great time here and am really getting into it. Thanks and bye, bye!
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    sounds cool! i didnt know. these apps are pretty cool

    as long as its sturdy enough that should be all you need to be concerned with

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    Awesome!! The way i found out unknown woods was to check every wood on wikipedia (Crazy!!).