Titanium with G10 Patch TTF Super accurate (New for sale)

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    Due a health issue, I am selling couples of *NEW* slingshots from my collection.

    Titanium with G10 Patch TTF was purchased from GZK. Original GZK Price is 89$ USD 116.84$ CAN. Selling it for 72.37$ USD or 95 $ CAN. FREE SHIPPING IN US / CANADA.

    Slingshot (NEW) with Two Band set + Two sights, single and double + 3 Hex Allen key + Protective box.
    Material: Titanium
    Length: 128 mm
    Tip Width: 30 mm
    Thickness: 39 mm
    Fork Width: 100 mm
    Fork Gap: 73 mm
    Weight: 220g
    Send me a private msg if you are interested.


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