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    "The tests showed that the best skin simulant of the ones evaluated was semi-finished chrome tanned upholstery "crust" cowhide of 0.9-1.1 mm nominal thickness. Its threshold velocity was 90.7 m/s, tensile strength 20.89+/-4.11 MPa and elongation at break 61+/-9%. These values are the same as the average values of human skin. Of the synthetic materials evaluated, 1mm thick natural rubber can be used on impact side as a threshold velocity filter with some reservations although its theoretical threshold velocity is only 82.9 m/s."

    Going to have to make some ballistic gelatin, 1mm cowhide, and pig ribs/femurs. From what I've been reading, normal unflavored gelatin mixed at a 4 parts water to 1 part gelatin powder by weight should be close enough to actual ballistic gelatin.

    I plan on tracking the following information:
    projectile bands draw# fps ft# gelatin momentum