Time for something new - the Semi Starship

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  1. JoergS

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    Shooting the monster world record slingshot in Greenville got me thinking.

    One of the major advantages of a starship is that you get no handslaps. Not even if you shoot very lightweight ammo with very strong bands. Which you must, if you want to break records.

    Another advantage is that your hand is well protected, at least if you use my "board" design. No RTF shot, no ball-dropped-out-of-the-pouch shot can hurt you.

    Due to legal reasons, I had to leave the record slingshot at Nathan's place. But yesterday, I slapped together a few pieces of leftover wood (mostly a pine board) and created a "Semi Starship".

    The very comfortable handle is complemented by a hand rest (legal in Germany, as it does not touch the arm) and the fork piece is looong. The top and front of the hand is completely protected. The hand rest allows a slight (9cm) draw length extension. Not quite as much as a full starship, but it is a lot more compact.

    Normally I don't trust pine boardcuts, but this one is 100% safe due to the fiber direction. Unbreakable.

    You can actually remove the top board (9 screws total) and replace it with a longer one. Than you would have a full starship, as long as you want. Of course this may be in conflict with the German law in principle (slingshots that are "prepared" for wrist braces are illegal, too), but then again pretty much any slingshot can be mounted to a length of wood. Hard to outlaw wooden boards, right? :)


    I want to use this to shoot faaast. As long as it is still warm outside, I want to see how fast I can shoot a BB.
  2. ruthiexxxx

    ruthiexxxx ruthiexxxx

    another great design from the Maestro !

    Might it be legal in Germany to use a paracord wrist brace that goes just behind the wrist bone and tightens with a single twist ? Could be explained away as a carrying loop.

    I started using a leather bondage cuff that clipped to a ring bolt in the bottom of my shooters but these paracord ones are quicker and more convenient and definitely help with very heavy rubber.

  3. Moin moin,
    sehr stark an der Grenze, oder?

    In Anlage 2:
    1.3.7 Präzisionsschleudern nach Anlage 1 Abschnitt 1 Unterabschnitt 2 Nr. 1.3 sowie Armstützen und vergleichbare Vorrichtungen für die vorbezeichneten Gegenstände;

    Anlage 1:
    1.2.3 bei denen in einer Entfernung von mehr als 2 m bei Menschen

    a) eine angriffsunfähig machende Wirkung durch ein gezieltes Versprühen oder Ausstoßen von Reiz- oder anderen Wirkstoffen oder

    Wirkstoff 25mm Stahlkugel?


    1.3 Schleudern, die zur Erreichung einer höchstmöglichen Bewegungsenergie eine Armstütze oder eine vergleichbare Vorrichtung besitzen oder für eine solche Vorrichtung eingerichtet sind (Präzisionsschleudern) sowie Armstützen und vergleichbare Vorrichtungen für die vorbezeichneten Gegenstände.



    Könnte jemand behaupten, das Sie (Du) mit dieser Schleuder, eine höchstmögliche Geschwindigkeit, oder Energie im Geschoss erreichen möchten?
    Dann währe es wohl eine Konstruktion, die eine vergleichbare Vorrichtung, hier abstützung, aufweist gegeben?

    Eine Andere möglichkeit, währe eine Zugschlinge anzubringen .... auch eine Vorrichtung?

    Ich hoffe nur, das das hier keiner liest, der etwas gegen dich hat, oder zur Kontrolle dafür bezahlt wird.....

    der Umgang mit Schleudern, die zur Erreichung einer höchstmöglichen Bewegungsenergie eine Armstütze oder eine vergleichbare Vorrichtung besitzen oder für eine solche Vorrichtung eingerichtet sind (Präzisionsschleudern) sowie Armstützen und vergleichbare Vorrichtungen für die vorbezeichneten Gegenstände
    very strongly on the border, right?

    In Appendix 2:
    1.3.7 Precision spin in Appendix 1, Section 1, Section 2, paragraph 1.3 and armrests and similar devices for the aforementioned goods;

    Appendix 1:
    1.2.3 where at a distance of more than 2 m in people

    a) an attack incapacitating effect by selective spraying or jetting irritation or other agents or

    Drug 25mm steel ball?


    1.3 slings that hold for achieving the maximum kinetic energy of an arm or a similar device, or set of such a device are (precision spin) as well as armrests and similar devices for the aforementioned items.
  4. Brazilviking

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    The need is mother of all inventions, Joerg. You can't use wrist braces, you create hand braces. Would it be ilegal to use "shoulder braces" , if you know what I mean :D.
  5. JoergS

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    Thorsten, no need to worry. The BKA has already looked at alternatives to arm braces, eg stabilizers, and clearly decided that an arm brace has to touch the arm. A rope that does the same (reducing wrist strain by connecting the hand to the wrist) would be illegal.

    This design does not allow the "highest possible" energy. To do that, the wrist would have to be stabilized and the fork would have to be extended.

    I already made hand braced slingshots, see my glove shot. A hand brace is just not an arm brace, and also not comparable to one. It does not reduce the wrist strain. It simply protects the hand and avoids unwanted turning of the hand.
  6. Schultz

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    I Agree, The Mother from all inventions sounds Great :D
    Really nice Work my Friend!
  7. Courier

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    It is like the starship's little brother...small but mighty. :D
    Great idea, Jörg. We cannot wait to see the shooting. You will surely break the record for the fastest bb shot. :)
  8. kineticweaponry

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    wow great idea, might try making one of these tomorow
  9. Will

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    A great and powerful looking shooter! I imagine that will be one fast BB!
    A very clever way to stay just this side of legal also.
    Although, I do find it somewhat strange that the weapon laws will not let you use a braced slingshot on your own property, similar to the way you have described the restrictions on large knives. But then, when have the laws of any country been consistent?
  10. Alukuchen

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    @Joerg: Really cool design!
    @thorsten: Come on... :rolleyes:
  11. studer1972

    studer1972 scooter trash

    Nice frame, Joerg! How well would your foot braced cord technique work on this one? I know that style of brace isn't practical for shooting on the fly, but should be just the ticket for getting stronger draws and higher energy down range. Regardless, a clever design.
  12. CEZ

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    It's great with the modularity option and hanslaps are a thing of the past with starships! I have a really stiff wrist when it comes to shooting and can't get in the habit of flicking or active shooting so I really like my starships for protecting me from those nasty handslaps.