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thread for laws

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We could make a thread with laws for every land where our members are

Every one posts the laws for his country an I'll make a list

Germany: no slingshots with wrist supporting functions
and no hunting and no fishing by bows, crossbows, slingshots and similar stuff

Brazil: no hunting and no bowfishing for protected species

Poland: no hunting with any kind of weapon

Netherlands: no fun :)

California: slingshots with brace are legal too, but only on private land
hunting is not allowed (only for rats, mice, crows, ... is allowed)
no double edges, no switch blade, butterfly, or spring assist
cricket or baseball bats only with accesories :)
guns (forbidden???)

Oregon: no switchblades, guns, slungshots, daggers, dirks, ice picks,
metal knuckles or other similar device

Thailand: no laws for slingshots. for hunting you have to do an instant kill

Mexico: no laws, but not shoot a person just for fun

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