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  1. Lars

    Lars The Evil Genious

    We could make a thread with laws for every land where our members are

    Every one posts the laws for his country an I'll make a list

    Germany: no slingshots with wrist supporting functions
    and no hunting and no fishing by bows, crossbows, slingshots and similar stuff

    Brazil: no hunting and no bowfishing for protected species

    Poland: no hunting with any kind of weapon

    Netherlands: no fun :)

    California: slingshots with brace are legal too, but only on private land
    hunting is not allowed (only for rats, mice, crows, ... is allowed)
    no double edges, no switch blade, butterfly, or spring assist
    cricket or baseball bats only with accesories :)
    guns (forbidden???)

    Oregon: no switchblades, guns, slungshots, daggers, dirks, ice picks,
    metal knuckles or other similar device

    Thailand: no laws for slingshots. for hunting you have to do an instant kill

    Mexico: no laws, but not shoot a person just for fun

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  2. Flipgun

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    I can't seem to find any in Texas except to a reference to "Slung Shot".

  3. Brazilviking

    Brazilviking Thread Hijacker

    38 hunting. And slingbow fishing the protected species.
  4. Baller-Bub

    Baller-Bub New Member

    I have to add something to Lars´Post...
    No Armsupport isn´t that right, you can make an Armshooter(as Jörg did),
    but you are forbidden to have a device or even a mounting base to support your wrist.
    Also no hunting and no fishing by bows, crossbows, slingshots and similar stuff.
    Not even with a license for fishing or hunting. If you have lincenses you will lose them when getting catched...
    Greetz, Kai
  5. CEZ

    CEZ New Member

    I'll gladly share some information about weapon laws in my country.
    In Poland there are no restraints to carrying slingshots of any type, probably shouldn't use them in public places though:D
    Hunting of any sort is forbidden, even using rocks or just the power of your mind. You can't kill rats even in your backyard.
    Bows are ok without a premit, crossbows are not legal and you cannot even register them...
    You can have any type of sword or knife but not baseball bat because those are also illegal:p
    Gun permits are not easy to get here and if you somehow managed to obtain one, you can't carry the gun anywhere, it has to be locked up in a safe, unloaded. If you get pulled over by the police for any reason, they will always check your car if you have a permit.
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  6. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    well, everything fun is illigal here ;)
  7. dolomite

    dolomite Banned

    onnod, pretty much the same in California. slingshots even with a brace are legal. however, in most counties it's illegal to carry on your person. In others it falls under knife laws, you can't have it concealed. You can't shoot in public areas but you can on private land, granted you have permission or ownership. No hunting of game animals, pests only. Pests though is rats,mice, jack rabbit(unedible), crow All laws are purposefully vague so the officer has discretion. Knives have to be under 3" to be concealed, no double edges, no switch blade, butterfly, or spring assist stiletto. Swords in your house but not public. If you have a baseball or cricket bat, you better have a few accessories of the game or it's jail. not even going to get into guns as it raises my blood pressure too much but the gun laws are more ridiculous than the slingshot laws.
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  8. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Our slingshot laws in Oregon are pretty relaxed, with the exception of Medford, which bans slingshots. The only real law I know of says that you cannot concealed carry a "slungshot" (I assume they mean slingshot?) nor can you conceal a knife having a blade that projects or swings into place by means of force or a spring (so no switchblades) - but no mention of the size of knife you can carry. You also cannot conceal carry a dagger, dirk, ice pick, metal knuckles or other similar device. As for shooting slingshots, that depends on the city and county where you live. Portland is very restrictive on pretty much every type of weapon (bb guns, etc.) though they are prevented from restricting guns entirely by the state constitution.

    In Oregon, in many places, you can still open carry a firearm legally, though I don't do it because it will almost always get you a visit with the police. We are a 'shall issue' state for Concealed Handgun Licenses, meaning that if you are a resident and don't have a criminal background, the state must issue you a concealed carry permit for a handgun. There are very few restrictions where you can concealed carry a firearm if you have a permit.

    Other restrictions on firearms, bb guns/airguns and slingshots are in state parks, public beaches and across public highways. I could find no restriction on using slingshots or slingbows for hunting, as long as you have a tag/permit. Non-protected game such as squirrels, rats, crows, etc. are pretty much okay to shoot as long as you're not violating another law in the process.

    For the most part, other than in a handful of the more restrictive areas, we enjoy some fairly decent freedom with respect to various types of weapons. Heck, you can own a machine gun here if you have the proper permits - which are very difficult and time consuming to get, but they can be had if you're willing to wait.
  9. Aussie_Al

    Aussie_Al Banned

    Thailand slingshot laws , nothing; you can carry anywhere, anytime; shoot anywhere, anytime.

    Only laws, no torturing animals, but an instant kill is not torture, or shoot people, or property.
    Which makes sense.

    Personally in the local markets, 2 to 3 times a year, I am called on to dispatch King Cobras, which make their way in for mice and rats.
    I just clear dangerous space of people; and it has not to date taken me more than one shot from 6 to 8 meters.

    Other than that, it is about one of the most relaxed slingshot laws places on earth.

    Firearms different story. as a farang (foreigner) impossible to obtain, so my wife has the licence (and she could not hit a shipping container across the street).
    But Thailand it is not what you know,. but who you know; and her extended family has deputy chief of police next major town, very prominent local politician, national politician, and VERY senior Army General in Bangkok; so we can pretty much get away with whatever.
    And when we are moving large amounts of cash, the local police know that I carry, and will use; and they do not care; given I am always aware of dangerous space, use subsonic ammo to avoid over penetration etc.

    Knife laws, are a mixed bag.
    Folders can't be over like 7 inches when open; so you just keep it in you pocket.
    So my cold steel vaquero is technically illegal, but the local cops know I carry it daily, and just say, carry so we can't see.
    Fixed blades, any length; the offence is concealed carry, so carry them to be seen, and not an issue.

    Cheers Allan
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  10. BrPio

    BrPio .

    Here in New Mexico it's still close to the wild west days. We have very few close to zero gun and weapon laws. Types of weapons that fall in the same category slingshots, lead firing airguns, blackpowder firearms, and bows/crossbows, it's only illegal to shoot a person, except in a case of protection of self or others. (on a side note. I work with law enforcement at times so I try to keep up to date on this kind of stuff).
  11. ruthiexxxx

    ruthiexxxx ruthiexxxx

    Speaking for the UK and for Spain I am pleased to say that there are few, if any, regulations relating to slingshots, (hunting with them would be another matter!)

    As regards any other kind of weapon though the situation is dire in both countries. In the UK governmental hysteria is so extreme that it is probably an offence to say the word 'knife' in a public place. Here in Spain I am told that the criterion is whether the blade of your knife is longer than the width of the Guardia Civil officer's hand. That excludes my favourite Laguiole ! :(
  12. ForumTech

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    I think this should be it's own forum with threads on each area. Let me speak with Joerg.
  13. studer1972

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    I think a slungshot is a weight at the end of a flexible haft, like a full can at the end of a sock or a weight on the end of a rope, not what we call a slingshot.
  14. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Interesting. I didn't think to do a google search of 'slungshot', I just assumed it was and olde tyme reference to slingshot. Google images brought up some interesting images for slungshot - I have seen these before but didn't know what they were called. I also got some results for blackjacks and other blunt type weapons. So many things to know out there.
  15. studer1972

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    Yep, that's the story of my life. ;)
  16. VWscooby

    VWscooby Senior Member

    In the UK a slingshot is the only projectile weapon with absolutely no specific restrictions on it.

    The only restriction is under the Offensive Weapons Act, if the authorities can prove it is being carried with intent to cause harm. This applies to absolutely anything though, even a spoon!

    So basically, as long as you aren't carrying it into say, a nightclub or sporting event there should be no problem at all.
  17. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    In Missouri, Wrist-braced slingshots are illegal, though it's not really enforced. Hunting with a slingshot is legal- though is regulated through the seasonal permits that are granted by the Fish and Game department. Slingshot crossbows are not regulated whatsoever- they are just a hunting weapon and are subject only to the licensing of 'tags' for large game (deer, etc). Fishing with slingshots is not mentioned in the state legislation.

    -Wild Bill
  18. KnuckieG

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    If I may link to my exhaustive list of uk laws it will be of help I'm sure. We have some bizarre ones my best friend had an argument with his ex and she called the Police as he had pointed at her! 3rd degree assault apparently?!? The copper who turned up didn't arrest him out of sympathy I think but he easily could have. One to keep to yourself I think lol!
  19. Aussie_Al

    Aussie_Al Banned

    Kinda funny though here in Thailand, many locals try to "fish" the river Kwaii with spear gun type slingshots here. But none of them went to school long enough to learn of parallax error of light into water.

    So nearly all miss the clearly obvious fish they can see.

    Myself, seeing they are nearly all just large versions of catfish, just watch and laugh myself sillier than I am already.

    Cheers Allan