Thoughts on Frame Tip Shape

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    Judging from the many different tip style I've seen on the home made frames here everyone seems to have different notions on the ideal tip shape.

    I was hoping the makers of these beauties would weigh in with their thoughts on the whys and wherefores of the shape(s) they prefer where the "rubber meets the road" so to speak.

    I've only built 5 frames and I have tried 5 different tip profiles.

    First was a simple Round Over with an 1/8" RO router bit, then I skipped tips all together with a "wrist rocket" style tube band mount, then I made a fixed cam lobe that was flat across but curved along the band stretch, then a simple round over using a 1/4" RO router bit and finally a sculpted tip that is dished and has a big radius curve in the band direction.

    They all work :p

    I saw Arturo's round tips and JS has used ball ends and I am wondering what you guys think works best and if you think there is one tip that would be best or if the profile should vary according to band width/strength/ammo weight.

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    Joerg tested a through-the-frame shooter, the rubber was connected to the upper, inner ends of the U and got very long-lasting theratape.