Those Nasty Hand Slaps

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    <br>The point here is to shoot Active so that the energy that remains in the pouch is spent by continuing to move the frame forward and down to clear the pouch so there is no hand slap. To turn the pouch or not to is up to the individual shooter and what works. Active shooting requires a go movement pointing the forks towards the target and yet while in this process of moving and intuitive pouch release when it feels like the pouch and the ammo are on target at that point release and follow through with the frame and not the pouch hand. This can best be done as one movement then no hand slaps. By my experience the ammo size are weight does not matter if you shoot Active. Dead shooting produces hand slaps.<br><br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>
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    Yes ... I've experienced what you call "Active" ... for me is a little bit more difficult to do as I shoot sideways ... now with my new Fang with the partial palmswell I did (thumb, index) it tends to pivot and rotate automatically ... yet didn't received any handslap with this ss ... powerful bands attached shooting 5-15 gr ammo stretching 3/4 butterfly ...