This young man is very inventive.

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    Personally I would call that a slingshot crossbow, as it has a lock/release trigger.

    But I do believe it would shoot very very well.

    However I think the trigger system you came up with setup in a similar fashion would work just as well, perhaps better.

    I also think a small fork at the front would improve sight lines and probably help keep rubber from getting in the way of the projectile.
    I've seen it where you can have a rubber tube too close to the flight path actually touch your projectile and give you a "wild round" or a flyer.

    I have my heavy duty slingshot crossbow half done. I've taken a break on it for a bit while I research locks, think about how exactly I want mine to work. A lot of Joerg's shooters are amazingly simple and very effective. Just for some alternative ideas.
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