Thick Rubber vs thin rubber.

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  1. jnmbhj

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    which is better theraband Gold vs Theraband Blue?

    The theraband blue is wider but they both weigh the same and have the same length which is better?
  2. kohlqez

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    Blue is not wider, they are both sold at the same width (I think 15 cm but I might be wrong) as for which is better, gold is stronger because it is thicker, but blue is better in some situations because of its lighter pull and its still pretty strong.
    As I understand ( and again I could be wrong) all thera band is the same rubber material with different dyes and varying thickness

  3. dolomite

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    Remedial Theraband 101: the thinnest rubber that can be used with your ammo is the fastest. Thinner rubber contracts faster so at the same draw weight black is faster than gold, blue faster than black and so on. Thing is, at some point you're using too much to be practical. That's it in a nutshell.