Thera-band black. VS. Thera-band gold

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    Hi guys.
    TBG is hard To get here unless i but it online and TBB is easily available.
    Right now i got some natural latex band on and the y work good for Target shooting but i would like To get more power and keep the latex band like they are cause my son is able To draw them.

    At 8 M i hit a soup can and it make a Nice dent but no hole.

    So here is my question....

    What set of TBBLACK OR TBBLUE should i use To put 3/8 steel balls thru a soup can at 8m whit a 80cm draw ??

    Thx !
  2. Belargo

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    Well, the colour of theraband is mainly an indicator for its thickness (although the thinner varieries are supposed to be a bit faster?).

    For reference, check this chart. Bottom line states the thickness of different theraband colours:


    So this means, if you got TBBlue, you need about 2.16 times the width of an equivalent TBGold Band set. So just make the bands a bit more than twice as wide. Or use a generous double layer.

    There is a sweet spot though, and if you increase the band strength beyond that, the exess energy is wasted, resulting in potentially vicious hand slaps.

    You can also taper the bands, making them wider at the fork end and narrower at the pouch end. This will increase the speed and therefore the power of the steel balls, but comes at the price of reduced band life.

    I'm no expert on this, so hopefully someone else can join in and give you suitable band dimensions for slaying evil soup cans.
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  3. JoergS

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    Try filling the cans with water. It is very hard to punch a hole through empty soup cans. Much easier if they are filled with water.

    Use the band calculator and multiply the results for band width at fork and pouch by 1,66.

    Work on your draw. 80 cm is short. If you shoot half or full butterfly, then you can accelerate a 3/8th to much higher velocities.
  4. TheNewSlingshotGuy

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    Today i put a 7.62mm (a little less than 5/16) steelball through an empty soup can with 40mm x 16mm tapered TB Blue, with a full butterfly 152cm draw.

    Lime Jeorg said, Your best bet is to increase your draw length! I would reccomend 55mm x 20mm tapered TB blue, or you could split it into two bands and make it a double layer 27.5mm x 10mm bandset. You must use a small and lightweight pouch also.

    With an 80cm drawlength, i dont really see you having much luck though...if you want to stick with that, try a single layer 60mm x 25mm TB Blue bandset, or a double layer 30mm x 12.5mm, its the same thing, but the single layer requires less cutting. Cut them 18cm long. For maximum stretch, divide your 80cm draw by 5, and thats how long you cut the bands. Add another 3cm for tying. Like i said above, about 18cm long. But, these bands may not last very long! Coat the parts you will tie with talcum powder, and make sure not to tie too tight! Good luck! Heres a video that might help.

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    Thx for the replies guys.
    I tried 1/2 butterfly a bit but i am not that accurate. The 80 draw is when i stop at the cheek and the way i aim is by putting my first knuckle in my cheek Bone point and aiming whit the fork tip. This is the way i am more accurate. I want To try à longer draw but i could need no tips on aiming.

    Is there any way to aim when going 1/2 butterfly since i feel im not experienced enough To go full. Any tips or trick is welcome.

    Thx again
  6. TheNewSlingshotGuy

    TheNewSlingshotGuy AKA- "The Raccoon"

    Practice! :)

    Use a high fork slinyshot and lightweight bands to practice your technique, and youll get better! Focus on a clean release.
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    So after reading all of your comments and watching about 1,5 h of YouTube ( Jörg of corse , Bill Hays and Gamekeeper ) I woke up this morning , grabbed my balls LOL and went outside.
    I did +/- 100 shots and discovered new muscles hehe. I shot my bands that were there already wich allows me To draw a bit more than 1/2 butterfly and saw right away the increase power it gives. I got the centering ok most of the time but i am having more trouble whit the height. I did manage To hit it a few time ( as well as my ATV LOL ) and guess what .....
    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1462281919.171039.jpg

    The can was probably softened from all the other shots but its a hole

    I had To adjust my pouch grip as well but i like how its goin and Will be practicing some more.

    You guys here are awsome, skilled and professionnal who like To have fun and wreck stuff ! Great community!

    Thx for everything !
  8. Hmm lets see 3/8 are about 10mm right?
    I think a Setup of two large stripes in the following diameter should do the trick.

    2x 80mm to 40mm Taper (one per Side) @ about 5x times elongation which would be about 17cm total length if you account a few cm for the tying up. and this combined with a small thin pouch.

    With this setup i managed to punch holes into cans just like yours with Marbles and 8mm ammunition as i did with 12mm lead.
    Probably have to add that i did single stripes (4x 20mm-to-10mm Taper per Side) but as somebody told me this shouldn't matter as far as power is concerned although it might be beneficial for bandlife (mine hold up about 350ish shoot still...)
    Also adding water shouldn't be exactly necessary it just should not jump away as soon as it hits the can, so a stone inside the can can also do the trick just as placing the can behind a wall (or another non-movable object).

    Just tried the setup above with my last piece of TBBlack and here is the outcome @ 8m with 10(?)mm steel that has a weight of 75grains or 4,9grams.
    I did hit it slightly off which caused it to slit rather than perforate but had a nice wall run that lasted about 30sec and produced a hilarious sound!
    Orientation of the image is just how the ball entered and taken from above the steel can.

    EDIT2: You have the same exact draw lenght minus 1-2cm depending on ankerpoint as i do.

    Good Luck.

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  9. TheNewSlingshotGuy

    TheNewSlingshotGuy AKA- "The Raccoon"

    Haha you're welcome!! Have fun!
  10. Diaboloslinger

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    Band projection. Look down the band, and extrapolate the line to your target. Take 10 shots into a cardboard target, take note of where they group, then adjust your aim point.
  11. PimpW

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    2 questions concerning that band setup .

    1: is that whit the 80 cm draw from the cheek or butterfly?

    2: when using a wide band like 80mm at the fork you have To fold it 2-3 Time on itself To fit the ott setup of the Rambone, if so how many Time To fold it and so i need To tie it so i have no joint on the top and midle part ?

    Thx again

  12. I don't do butterfly or semi-butterfly.
    My regular draw tops at 83cm at best because with semi-butterfly or full butterfly my accuracy gets pretty darn bad.
    So yes i limited my regular draw a bit to accommodate for the 80cm draw you have.

    Also i am a bow-hunter so i like to keep ankerpoints the same no matter if it is a Slingshot or a bow i am shooting and shooting a bow full-butterfly is a rather hard to accomplish thing ;)

    Regarding the Setup it is indeed folded, actually 4xtimes so that it comes down to about 20mm-to-10mm Taper.
    You should get two clamps at least to hold the folding together on both ends or better yet a second person to hold them for you.
    The holes in the pouch may have to become bigger depending on the previously used bandset.
    I personally found it easier to do single (4x)20-to-10mm Strips per Side and tie them up compared to wide/large single strip, but as there are less cuts there is less tearing surface so this might be a pro-single-band argument regarding long-levity.

    Also i used a Rambone for this process and i would recommend wrap&tuck instead of the Caps as i wouldn't want to put too much strain on them with this thickish bands.
    I used a strip of about 10cm of TBG to wrap&tuck each side, one might say this is quite a lot but i rather be on the safe side than having something slip.

    On the Pouch-End i used TBBlack for the tying and did use also wrap&tuck, instead of a constriction-knot.
    Works good so far and i will probably do some more testing with this band-set to compare band-life of single vs multi-bands of same size&diameter.

    Good Luck!
  13. PimpW

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    Ok i just tried a set of thera-band black 65mm wide no taper 25 cm long including the tied. Man thats some serious rubber but the hand slap is awfull lol I did 5 shot and i was done. i put the latex one Back on but saw that the were tearing about 5 cm from the pouch. It sucks because i just had got temp more confortable at drawing it fully.
    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1462301627.691544.jpg
    I have To correct my stence a bit cause i se em To have a tendency of having the Back atm a bit higher ( if any body can analyse my position pls do )
    I mesured the latex band and they are 0.027" then i mesures my TBBLACK and its
    0.014" . I guess if i cut it the same lenght and double it up...

    But first ill try Jörg suggestion and go whit the calculator.
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  14. TheNewSlingshotGuy

    TheNewSlingshotGuy AKA- "The Raccoon"

    What ammo were you using with that 65mm bandset? 1/2 inch steel would work well with it, anything much smaller will give serious handslap...
  15. PimpW

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    3/8 is all i have right now
  16. It is simple physics really.
    If us short-drawing guys want to get the same speed as the butterfly-guys we have to increase the draw-weight.
    It is just the same reason why a crossbow needs so much more draw weight to get similar speeds compared to your regular Bow.

    There is just more time the Bow can accelerate the projectile during flight compared to a Crossbow.
    It is just the same with rubberbands which is why butterfly-shooters will need a lot less draw-weight to get the same speed a "cheekbone"-Shooter has with a lot more.

    Also i had no handslap problems with 10mm Steel which is just about the same as your 3/8 ammo, just tilt your hand a bit when you release and you usually get a lot less if at all handslaps.
    Also your 65mm straight-bands (TBB cut in Half right?) is rubberwise pretty much the same if just a slight bit more in the draw-weight (2,5 or so mm extra rubber per Band i think?) compared to 80-to-40mm Taper.
    Although speed-wise there should be quite a difference i think.

    Keep on practicing :)
  17. JimRhodo

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    Stand in front of a mirror.
    Draw and anchor without looking at the mirror.
    Take a look.
    Make any corrections.
    Close eyes see how it feels.
    Open eyes see how it looks etc.
    Worth a try.
  18. Arturo Borquez

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    butterfly is the easiest way, 10mm steel balls can pierce side by side an empty food can
  19. PimpW

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    WOW that is some awsome shooting! 2 shot 2 hits from 10 m and side To side Holes.
    I guess i have To practice some more my butterfly.
    Thx for the video !
  20. BigHands

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    TBB 85-65 folded twice, tiny dab of copydex glue to keep it folded makes tying much easier and with your draw you should get through a soup can.