The truth about Grimms stories and a secret

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    Thanks very much for uphold my motivation in making slingshots, onnod. So listen, i will tell you a secret:

    As a boy a taletelling whitebearded lady told me about a magic castle, where a beautiful princess is sleeping since a hundred years, the castle is surrounded by rosewood and the thornes are long as extended fingernails. The old lady laughed weird, told about exploding prices for antique furnitures and that a prince who will kiss the beauty will make her wake up and the castle ist standing... The boy i was been saw a young dog so the rest of the story is lost in time, dang...
    Fourty years later. In my country, you know, one day it´s raining cats and dogs and next morning the sun is burning, birds are shouting their newest hits and the vegetation explodes. You take a second look and wonder about the jungle where your garden was standing last week.
    A good time for guys like me, trecking through the impressive forest on the Elbe riverside near Ertheneburg

    watched by squirrels, wild hogs and beavers who eat their wooden meals twice. Poor.
    Anyway, moseying around downhill in eastern direction with slingshot intensions i found a fallen tree who ripped off some big rosewood years ago. And there was a big old ruined house uphill behind the rosewood, but no castle. So i imagined a golden girl in her age of 150 who had no shower since the last century. I decided not to kiss and took a piece of rosewood for making a slingshot instead.
    Eventually you will find precious antique furnitures in the... hmhm... castle, but other people are clever, too. Maybe there are empty bedrooms with a fat lady sleeping on a thermorest because nobody kissed her but taken all the furnitures. In this case, my friend, you may cut off the rosewood and make big business in natural slingshots.

    So this is the truth about Grimms brothers stories: No witches, no castles but a lot of slingshot potential. Good luck!

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