The "Meanest Bladed Weapon" Voting Thread

Discussion in 'Knives, Swords, and other bladed weapons' started by JoergS, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. #1 Havalon Piranta

    14 vote(s)
  2. #2 Havalon Baracuta

    17 vote(s)
  3. #3 Cold Steel Espada Extra Large

    42 vote(s)
  4. #4 Microtech Jagdkommando

    95 vote(s)
  5. #5 Homemade Chainsaw Morningstar

    19 vote(s)
  6. #6 Other (explain in comment)

    6 vote(s)
  1. ChrisAntigen

    ChrisAntigen New Member

    My Vote

    Microtech Jagdkommando
  2. simonexhale

    simonexhale New Member

    The Cold Steel Espada has to be the winner! This thing is just a beast :)

  3. Techy-Ben

    Techy-Ben New Member

    Which One?

    Hi there,

    I saw your video on YouTube (I've been subscribed for a small while now, thanks to the slingshot episode on SmarterEverDay's channel). When I followed the link here from the video, I thought the poll particularly interesting and decided to give my two cents. So, here they are. :)

    I'd have to go with the Havalon Piranta for this one. The Havalon Piranta is small, portable, concealable, and nightmarishly, spine-shivering sharp. It is useful for personal defense where you need a good slashing weapon, and if the blade breaks it can be replaced. It's also useful for all sorts of projects and jobs, and of course a quick, clean traeceostomy or other surgery if an emergency requires. It is a scalpel, after all.
    I would go with its cousin, the Baracuta, but I'm guessing the larger blade is more fragile. Still, having one around would be handy.
    To be sure, I wouldn't want to get stabbed by the Microtech Jagdkommando, but it's not the first blade designed to leave a large, non-sealing wound (old tri-blade bayonet or a saw tooth bayonet were designed for that reason), and it's not really useful for anything other than stabbing. On that note, the large diameter of the blade doesn't exactly make the dagger penetrate flesh like butter. On the other hand, it's so nasty it would be banned in war, which is why I'd rank it third.
    I wouldn't want to get to close to the Chainsaw Morningstar either. That flesh ripping chainsaw blade would cause quite the scar, but I'm not sure it would leave me quite dead. That ball on the end certainly would though.
    The Cold Steel Espada XL looks quite awesome and beautiful, but it doesn't look nearly as mean as the other weapons. Sure, it's huge, but that's the main characteristic behind its fear factor. The size prevents it from being easily concealable, and it's definitely not regulation length. It doesn't have a long enough lever arm to unleash its potential as an axe, and it's not as keenly sharp as the Havalon family. Additionally, the large blade might get stuck in a rib. However, its sturdy ruggedness would lend itself when camping, hunting, or clearing a path of shrubs or villains. Also, it would provide great secondary defense against a sword.
  4. AngelicScars

    AngelicScars MILF of the board

    The Microtech Jagdkommando. Everything about it screams mean and badass. It seems like it can do the most damage, and quickly at that!
  5. pelleteer

    pelleteer Middle Aged Delinquent

    I just got the G10 version of the XL Espada recently, so I'll have to go with that. I don't even want to consider the sort of wounds you could inflict with this pocket sword, should the situation call for it.:( I'm sure you could quite easily chop someone's hand off with one (please don't, I'm just saying you could :D). This is also a knife that looks waaaay bigger in person than it does in pics and videos. I'm sure Joerg can vouch for that. :cool:
  6. jaim2

    jaim2 New Member


    The Microtech is by far the most unique
  7. Chum

    Chum New Member

    I voted for the Havalon Piranta. A quick flick of the wrist and you can disable an attackers hand... plus I have one that I edc :)
  8. groentje

    groentje New Member

    Homemade chainsaw morningstar

    Although the Havalon Baracuta is the most useful and gives more for its money, the most badass weapon of all is your homemade chainsaw morningstar. Why?

    1. Homemade is always more badass
    2. It combines two weapons in one
    3. You have a lot more range
    4. It looks more terrifying
  9. jacobsan

    jacobsan New Member

    Which knife is badass

    The jagdkommando for sure I want to have that in the zombie apocalypse. Think since it so much I might make my own or something like it.
  10. The5thorseman5

    The5thorseman5 New Member

    I say the Jagdkommando is the most badass. I mean, come on, it's practically a specialized tool for ripping your enemies a new one.
  11. Teddy_Xantharus_Garm

    Teddy_Xantharus_Garm New Member


    for the choices you give i would say the MicroTech Jagdkommando, u have a bludgeon weapon and a (from the looks) very effective stabbing weapon with 3 blades which leaves a nasty bleeding tunnel
    extra "mean" points for probably messing up the balance with the hollow hilt and beeing a pain in the butt to resharpen

    PS: i would probably use the razorblade ones, cuz i already have a scalpel from work, but I miss some dagger/knife types, for example a karambit
    PPS: i like the improvements on the Rambone, nice work!
    PPPS: dont hurt yourself with the Chainsaw Morningstar, those chains arn't that durable imho
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  12. ratbum

    ratbum New Member

    That Jagdkommando is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen. I don't want that anywhere near me.
  13. Haecksler

    Haecksler Naturalist

    I've also chosen the "Jagdkommando" because of it's senseless name and useless shape - that's what being badass is about ;)
    And if you'll ever be in need for big wood screws, well...
  14. Mordaraw

    Mordaraw New Member

    I think the Jagdkommando ist just one big massive Speartip it's frightening thinking about it.
  15. Thoreon

    Thoreon New Member

    Havalon Baracut; easily.

    The Cold Steel Espada Extra Large and Jagdkommando just seem like overkill and the chainsaw wasn't really convincing; highly unpractical even.

    But that slicing power in the Baracut... shiver up my spine if you see someone pulling that out in a dark alley... That person is going to do worse things than merely killing you...
  16. exalt

    exalt New Member

    I'm thinking morningstar. It probably has the best range and concussive ability, but also, more importantly, it breaks from the generic mould of blades. Sure, as a homemade weapon, you can't expect the same level of finishing and quality as the rest of the commercially available blades, and it lacks both cutting and stabbing ability, but the rest of the blades strike me as just reinventions rather than innovations. The Havalons are folding thin blades which you could probably use if you need to do emergency surgery in a survival situation or as a weapon of last resort, although they are so thin they'll probably snap if you try to stab through the bone of a charging animal or something. I.e. simply folding scalpels. The Cold Steel is basically just a big folding machete. Nothing too outstanding there. The microtech appears innovative at first, but when you look closely it's still basically the same sort of triangular cross-section stiletto that's been around since 1600s or so (used in spears as well), repackaged into a black anodised evil-looking form. It's good for stabbing, but little else. So the homemade morningstar the most creative weapon in my eyes. You could probably also give yourself a back massage with it :D
  17. kohlqez

    kohlqez Accident-Prone

    The jadkommando is hands down the meanest of the blades in the video, I'm surprised it's legal in Germany (also surprised that the Morningstar is legal.) I'm pretty sure they don't give the jadkommando to any armed forces as certain trench knives were banned from use in the armed forces for precisely the reason that wounds inflicted by triangular blades were too hard to treat, but I could be wrong.

    I think I'm most excited about that arbalest though, if I could afford one of those beauties I don't know if you guys would ever hear from me again ;)
  18. WickuelerRian

    WickuelerRian New Member

    i really like the #4 Microtech Jagdkommando
  19. Twonky

    Twonky New Member

    For me it was the Baracuta. I think it is the best, because it is so sharp and you can cut flesh with it pretty easily. But i know that the jagtech would be much better for stabbing someone.
  20. gprui

    gprui New Member

    Stabing is the most effective knife attack. It's the quickest, and the hardest to block. that is way that beast, the Microtech Jagdkommando, in my opinion, is the best.
    Still with the cover, it looks like a police bat, and I'm sure it can function in the same way...
    Without the coverage, as if that's not scary enough, the 3 blades, in the drills shape - just makes me want to stab a zombie in the chest, and drill his heart out:cool::cool: