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    Hi,<br>today I had to make some new bandsets.<br>I had a tube of latex in my mouth ( I´m a person with just two hands <img src="" alt="Laughing" longdesc="7">) and while streching the tube, it heated up to more than 40°C I supposed.<br>So we often speak about this effect, but if you hold a strip of rubber to you lips and strech it you can <strong>feel </strong>the effect.<br>Hold it a while streched to you lips until it is cooled down to the environment temperature.<br>Let it loose and you feel that the rubber is much cooler than the environment.<br>This test works best with tubes.
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    that is because tubes are more isolated than flat band to exchange heat with the ambient, the inner circular section doesn't has much "air" it is almost isolated, so I would guess that tubes retains heat twice time a band does ... also when fired tubes will take more time to recover ambient temperature ie: with crossbows, unless a fast "adiabatic" shoot ...

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    Holding a band between the theeth, stretching it with both arms and let go... good way for warming the face in no time in cold weather!!! <img src="" alt="Laughing" longdesc="7"><br>P.S: It works in warm weather too but it will be stupid to do so if the weather is already warm...
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    As I said, you could make a rubber powered fridge. Put 1/5 of a band inside the fridge and pull it out, then let it cool in stretched condition. Let it snap back afterwards. Repeat until the fridge has the desired temperature.
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    that would be smart and stupid at the same time <img src="" alt="scratch" longdesc="33">