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  1. Ghosth

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    Struder what part of Minnesota you in? Was born on that side of the red, in Ada Mn, living in Fargo ND now.

    Spent a couple of years down in twin cities but way way too many people for my taste.
  2. studer1972

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    Burnsville, just south of Minneapolis. My wife and I have a swamp up by Lake Mille Lacs where we hope to retire, we're with you on the crowding.

  3. BeMahoney

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    Hey Ruthie,

    now that your shooter is completely dyed and finished,
    it perfectly fits to those floor tiles in terms of colour!
    Really an upright piece of design!

    I was just wondering if the actual fork is some rather
    unrelieable piece of cast metal.. (on the first pics it seemed
    to be a bent steel rod, which seemed perfectly safe to

    Please make sure there won´t be a bad beat post..
    (guess those tubes are already quite a load in case)

    Greetings to Andalucia,

  4. ruthiexxxx

    ruthiexxxx ruthiexxxx


    Hi Be ...and thank you for your concern. It is an issue that has occurred to me. The forks are taken from a cast brass Hebrew Menorah (I think that is what they are called). I shared your concerns about the possibility of a fracture in the casting.
    I did have a bit of a pull at them and they SEEM strong enough. But this is going to be my light Silver Theratube or purple DubDub for this one so hopefully all will be OK. At the moment I've just got double 20/40s on so nothing to worry about.
    The brass forks were previously on a slingbow and I think I went up to Theratube Black on that so it looks like I have a decent safety margin.