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High-flow elements have many other advantages:

1. Large flow rate means using fewer filter elements, reducing labor and operating costs;

2. Large flow rate means using a smaller filter housing, reducing investment costs and saving floor space;

3. The replacement of the filter element is faster, simpler and safer;

4. The O-ring ensures the reliability of the filter;

5. The hot-melt bonded polypropylene material can prevent the release and unloading of particles, which is different from ordinary wire-wound filter elements;

6. The folded surface design makes the pressure drop of the large flow filter element lower than that of other filter elements, and the service life is longer;

7. It allows large flow medium to pass through the filter material, which has the advantages of high efficiency, small pressure loss and long service life;

8. The internal and external structure of the filter element makes it easy to replace the filter element while maintaining the retention of pollutants in the filter element;

9. The β value of the filter element reaches 3000.

10. Multiple filter elements can be installed in the filter shell, and a wide flow range can be used whether it is starting or continuous operation;

11. The filter element is durable and reduces economic costs.

The large flow filter element designed and produced by our company has a large diameter design, which increases the effective filtration area, greatly reduces the number of filter elements, and reduces the size of the filter housing.
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