The Devastator Gauntlet

Discussion in 'New project ideas' started by TheGarageInventor, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. TheGarageInventor

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    This is an idea I came up with and built. Just thought it was time to combine armor and weapons. This is the first piece of a full suit I am building.

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    38 I believe that you are a garage ionventor...and that you are very crazy!!! Good! we can be friends!
    the only bad stuff is that we can't see it shooting in the video!
    Insane apocalyptical creation!

  3. Will

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    This is just a wicked invention! How evil can a piece of pipe become?! Great job!
    I supposed the only concern is that you have an itchy nose and scratch with the wrong hand:eek:!
  4. TheGarageInventor

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    Hey, that is a good point. The second (right hand) gauntlet will actually have either a trap door, or "bowling ball" style holes cut in it...mainly for access for my trigger finger, for pulling back the slingshot pouch, and for scratching various places. :)
  5. TheGarageInventor

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    When I finish the second gauntlet, I will have my girlfriend video tape me firing the slingshot on the left hand gauntlet. It uses short, black special heavy tubes but still does the trick.

    For me though, it is not so much about FPS, but more about what I am delivering to my target. I have another idea about slingshot ammo: 25mm glass marbles that I will core out and fill with all kinds of stuff (use your imagination) and then cap/seal. After, I will "weaken" the glass round by scoring it with a glass cutter so that it is just strong enough to reach the target, and then shatter upon even the most minor of impact.

    That is the idea anyway....:rolleyes:
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    That looks awesome, cant wait to see the full suit!
  7. FIAAO

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    Cool! I mean, really cool [​IMG]
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    Sick and demented..........I LIKE!
  9. TheGarageInventor

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    Due in great part because of this armor build, I came up with an unusual mechanical armor I am calling: "Kinetic Diffusion Armor". Combining compression springs, ceramic plate and Kevlar XP, I think I may have created fully bullet proof armor (up to and including 50 cal rounds, except for anything Teflon coated). Essentially, the top later (the spring activated, Kevlar XP covered layer that rides on compression springs) "diffuses", or leeches, a large portion of the kinetic energy from a round. I suspect that about 2/3rds of its energy is absorbed by the top, floating shell. Then, it (the round) passes that layer and will impact the main, inner shell (additional layers of Kevlar XP, and a thinner ceramic plate, with thick padding underneath for shock absorption).

    And, if that was not enough, I think if I were to incorporate a strong magnet inside of the compression springs, and a copper coil around the exterior of the spring, the act of getting shot would actually generate electricity, that could be used to charge a battery, that would be used to power some of the on-board electronics.

    All of that sounds "out there", but the math, science, and physics are there. After I build it, I just need to test it.

    Can you imagine....a guy wearing this armor would not need to bother with sneaking around and hiding behind things for protection. He could actually walk into a hail of gunfire and strike his target directly.

    The only problem I see is that no fat and out of shape cops could wear it. It would add an additional 75+lbs of weight. Then again, its not like they would have to run. They would be a human tank, walking directly into gun fire.

  10. Your armor idea is pure genius, there's no other way to put it!
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    U raving mad!!! I like!