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Air filter bags are also called air conditioning system bag filters. According to different efficiency levels, it is divided into G3 and G4 primary effect filter bags, F5, F6, F7, F8 medium effect filter bags, and F9 filter bags. According to different materials, there are glass fiber filter bags, synthetic fiber filter bags, and non-woven filter bags.

Air filter bags generally 21mm thick aluminum frame or galvanized frame. Aluminum grooves are added in front of each filter bag, and metal ribs are added to fix it in the back, which increases the strength of the filter bag. Non-woven filter bags Each filter bag is divided into six partitions on the width of the bag to prevent the filter bags from being over-expanded by wind pressure, blocking each other, and reducing the filtration area and efficiency.

Air filter bags features: Synthetic fiber filter bag, non-woven filter bag is made of synthetic fiber through special weaving method, which avoids the discomfort that may be caused by old glass fiber material. The filter material contains electrostatic fibers, which has a very good filtration efficiency for micron-sized dust, and has the characteristics of large dust holding capacity, high air permeability, and long service life.

Air conditioning filter bags used in the following industries: electronics industry, electronics factory, laboratory, sterile room, sterile workshop, national defense factory, tobacco, air conditioning system clean room, commercial building, theater, station, painting workshop, computer room, and other environmental ventilation projects.
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