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    Jorg <br>We, my husband and I wanted to thank you for your design of the the Moorhammer Sling Shot, we just purchased two of them from Milbro, mine is aluminum and my husband Steve's is in bronze. The best designed slingshot Steve ever used. The quality from Milbro is excellent . His question is , when you set up a Moorhammer with double Gold thera band , how wide are your bands? (width at fork,and at pouch)<br>Many thanks again <br>Steve and Sara
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    Sara, <br>Steve,<br><br>thanks for the praise! <br><br>I recommend using the band calculator, as the band dimensions depend on many individual issues.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br>You will also find the download link to the band manual, you may find it useful. <br><br>Good luck<br><br>Jörg<br>

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    There are no "correct" bands, just use what you feel comfortable with.<br><br>For winter indor shooting I have set up my Moorhammer with single strand TB Blue 2,5-1,5cm taper for 8mm steel. a very nice and easy plinking setup that can be shot all day long. It will still go through 4mm plywood at ten yards.<br><br>Single strnad TB Gold 2-1,5cm taper already packs a pretty punch and will shoot anything from marbles to 12mm steel well.