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    None other than torture animals, or damage persons, or property.

    Therefore, provided kills are instant death, and no suffering involved, all is fine.

    Likewise carriage anywhere, is totally okay.

    Therefore, I never leave home without 2 at least.

    Which I band with either double .04 latex, or triple TBG; alternatively looped 30/60 or again looped 40/70, all stretched to 550% not including relaxed length; for super flat trajectory.
    My prefered ammo being from 20 to 35 gram homemade lead shot.

    But my new in a few weeks time starship 14 inch extension model, when I carry most days, will for sure arouse curiosity, having a 59/60 inch draw with double .04 latex or triple TBG bands.

    Just imagine the FPS I can achieve with 20 to 35 gram lead shot ?.......

    Given at my 168 cm height, this is 5 to 6 inches further than my max Butterfly draw length.

    Cheers Allan Leigh Retired Aussie to Thailand
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