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TBG sensitive to ammo weight

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Today I got some new TBG. My heaviest ammo (rocks) is about 11gram. Same as 14mm steel. I checked out the TBG calculator and made my bands according to it. I believe it's adjusted to the new type TBG. Is it? <br><br>With the given measurements it shoots this ammo great but when I go to a lighter ammo I get a lot of erratic shots. When I switch back to the 'matched' ammo it works great again. <br><br>I did not have this problem with the tubes I used. No matter what ammo I used it would shoot it straight. I like it because I can shoot different ammo with the same rubber.<br><br>Do you have the same experience?
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Nope, I can shoot anything straight, only difference is that I will get handslapped more or less.
Thanks for your reply. I was thinking when you said 'Nope' and I found my problem. I used a new pouch and this pouch was too stiff. Great for heavy ammo but not good for lighter ammo. <br>I installed the old and already soft pouch and 'Yeah' it worked.<br>Thanks again.
It seems you solved your problem but another option is to use a "standard" band set this what I do on the slingshots I use for "plinking" with rocks and random ammo and then i have "matched" band sets for specific ammo. my "standard" band sets are the same dimensions game keeper john uses on his slingshots double TBG, 25 cm working length, tapered from 25mm to 20mm. These are quite powerful without huge draw weights.
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