Target Shooter Aluminum Cores

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  1. Antraxx

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    Hey Slingers :)

    I always wanted to to a "Targetshooter" Slingshot.
    Some time ago i ordered some pieces of Aluminum and got to work.
    The Design is based on Tobses Targetshooters, which are great!

    This is just the "essence", the overall shape of them when you look at it from the front or back.

    My idea is to give you the chance of creating something on your own, but with basic tools!

    Maybe a lot of you would like to try a Slingshot with a Metalcore, but they don´t have the chance of cutting it out to the desired shape or don´t even know how to get it.

    I went for very thick 15mm Aluminum here because:

    -you can just round the edge, band it up and have some fun.
    -you can drill big holes to make it even lighter and give it a tactical look
    -you can paint it
    -you can sandblast it
    -you can add cheap thin scales from a knifemakers-store and still get a nice look
    -you can cover them entirely in wood and can still use thin boards which are easier to cut.

    You can add bands over the top and at the side, you can drill a hole and add tubes...there are a lot of possibilities because this is just the raw startingmaterial.

    To give you an example i made two just with a very basic set of Scales from a Knifemaker Store.
    Went for a clamping method on the one for bands and drilled two holes for the Tubeshooter.
    Sanded them, polished them up a bit and they are ready to go.


    You can see a few more pics here:

    This is how the look like when you get them:


    Precisely cnc-milled 15mm aluminum.
    Edges not rounded so you can laminate different materials to it.
    The hole is possibly not dead center, because it was just for fixing. It might vary within a mm or so.

    -lenght: 135mm
    -forkwidth: 89mm
    -fork gap: 50mm

    I´d be glad if i could help some of you to get started into some metal lamination action :)

    I´m asking 25 Euros incl. worldwide uninsured/untrackable shipping. (paypal) If you want them trackable please let me know, we can split the higher price.

    So if you´d like to have one, drop me a Message :)


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  2. Slagskimmer Mike

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    These are very nice.
    I'm pretty good at proofreading G and M cnc code, but these lovely slings make me want to get off of my duff and master some programming software.

    I hope folks realize what a great deal you are offering.

  3. Antraxx

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    Thank you very much!
    I also think the price is fair. Shipping+material alone is around that amount...not counting the most expensive part, the milling itself :)
  4. Flipgun

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    Thank You AnTrAxX . I am bookmarking this for future reference. She-Who-Holds-The-Money doesn't trust paypal. I'll have to get with a friend that does.
  5. Antraxx

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    It´s just the easiest i thought. PM me if you want to so we can exchange email-address. A bank-order would be also fine for me.
  6. bigjim

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    Hi .
    Gute Arbeit !
    Gibt's noch eine für mich , oder bin ich
    zu Spät ?
    freundliche Grüße
    aus Leverkusen
  7. Antraxx

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    Still got some. PM sent :)