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Taking us to the next step: Forum news!

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Dear friends, <br><br>I have some exciting news. <br><br>I have closed a deal with a professional forum company that will take this forum to a new level. We will move to a much better forum platform and get real admins. Trolls and so on will have a much harder time here, and uploading images will be a lot easier, too. <br><br>This is much needed, as the forum is growing very quickly. Careful extrapolation has it that this forum will very soon be the biggest slingshot forum in the world, and therefore we have to bring it over to a more serious platform. <br><br>Of course the goal is that this will be a very seamless transition. Of course s..t happens, so should you encounter any difficulties, let me know and I'll fix it. <br><br>I will of course announce the move as soon as I know details. <br><br>Greetings from Northern Bavaria<br><br><br>Jörg<br>
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<div>great news!!!!<br>i hope that thenew forum will save all of the posts from this one that have already been made?<br>also i think that the new forum should have a good mobile version aswell for when people go on it on a phone or something like that.<br>also i am looking forwards to thenew layout!!!!!</div><div class="clear"></div><div class="signature_div">
<br>I love making slingshots and slingshot crossbows<br>check out my youtube channel <a href="" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">here</a> for more!<br><img src="" alt="Laughing" longdesc="7">
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