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Duplex oil return line filter is generally composed of two single cylinder filters and two six-way reversing valves.

During the working process, when the filter element of the single cylinder filter is clogged to a certain extent and needs to be cleaned or replaced, the main engine must be stopped to replace the filter element, which not only wastes time, but also cannot meet the continuous working needs of the main engine. The double cylinder filter effectively solves the defects of the single cylinder filter. The filter element can be cleaned or replaced without stopping the machine to ensure the normal and continuous operation of the host.

The working feature of the duplex filter is that when one filter element is blocked and needs to be replaced, the other filter can start working as long as the pressure balance valve is opened and the reversing valve is turned without stopping the main engine. Then replace the clogged filter element.
This type of duplex filter is widely used in hydraulic systems such as heavy machinery, mining machinery, and metallurgical machinery.
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