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Why do we see bag filters of different colors? What does the color of the bag filter mean?

The color of the bag filter actually represents its efficiency, and the colors are white, green, pink, light yellow, and white. Efficiency from F5-F9, we can see the corresponding efficiency from the color, the following is the color corresponding to the efficiency of F5-F9:

F5 (EN 799) , 40-60% (white);

F6 (EN 779), 60-70% (green);

F7 (EN 779), 75-85% (pink);

F8 (EN 779) , 85-95% (light yellow);

F9 (EN 779) , 99% (white);

The complete color of medium-efficiency bag filter means complete efficiency. At the same time, special sizes and specifications can be made according to customer requirements. The outer frame has galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame, and the thickness of the conventional outer frame: 21mm and 25mm.

For more needs, please contact us, and we will answer you throughout the process.
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