Stick-shots and flipping slingshot crossbows

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    Hello Everybody!! I've been thinking about some new designs recently, firstly about stick-shots! I'd really like to put together a stick-shot but, truth be told, I'm not too sure what I'm, it's at this point that I'm appealing to you guys to maybe post some drawings or pics If possible ;)

    And next to a concept of mine, a slingshot crossbow incredibly low forks, that flips after the trigger releases. Maybe with a spring or a rubber, maybe foam, pad for the fork to hit and bounce off so it doesn't damage itself against the stock when it fires.

    I'll enclose some drawings very soon when I get a chance later today, I just wanted to get this up on the forum A.S.A.P. so I don't forget to!

    Keep an eye out for those diagrams!
  2. mvd

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    Well a stickshot is exactly this: a stick that has a slingshot band attached on one of its ends. As fancy as you wish.

    The stickshot rifle with automated flip has already been made by Jörg

  3. Malleus

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    I made a stickshot recently, then converted it to a pana to shoot an arrow made from a 6" nail, ten I converted it back again a couple of days later. 6" nails are too heavy for darts in my opinion but it's all I had at the time.

    It was made from the handle of a sweeping brush and light tube from an old fishermans baitcasting sling. I then upgraded the rubber to black rolyan exercise bands for more power.

    I really like the simplicity of the stickshot, easy to make and fits in the pocket nicely.
  4. Withak

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    Probably the most important thing to remember with a stickshot is how you attach the pouch to the band. One of the big problems with stickshots is getting the pouch to open and release the ammo properly with only a single band attached. One method to help is to tie a piece of rubber tube between the two holes in the pouch, then attach your band to the middle of that tube. The tube will help to force the pouch open, releasing the ammo. After that, it's all about flipping your wrist. As for the design, I've got a few I've made from just a simple stick and two I made from artificial materials - one from capped pvc pipe, and one from capped steel pipe. But you can certainly get fancier if you like. Some people don't care for stickshots, I still like them myself.