Steambow Stinger enhanced kinetic energy unscientific but....

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    I got a Steambow Stinger last week. Great pistol crossbow! But lacking in power.
    I’ve always enhanced the power of my Cobra 80lb by adding a 4” length of flat spring steel behind the prod, and pushing the prod as far forward as possible. It makes a noticeable difference in penetration, often more than an inch.

    Well... for the Stinger I decided to go full throttle. I bought spare 80lb prods, and cut a seven inch length from one and mounted it behind the stock prod. WHAT A DIFFERENCE.

    My test platform is an empty cardboard 12-pack bottle holder, stuffed with two of the heavy plastic bags that big bundles of Bounty paper towels come in.

    Before the modification, two bolts fired into the 12-pack got caught up in the plastic and did not make it through the other side. After the modification, two bolts fired into it went right through it and into the cardboard-stuffed wine box backstop. And the time between release and impact is easily noticed by the ear.

    I think the pistol mechanisms will hold up.
    What i think will go quickly is the string.

    Oh, and as a kinetic energy comparison I used a starship slingshot to shoot .68 lead balls into that same 12 pack. This results in the ball pulling the plastic along through and out the back, and then the ball piercing the plastic and finally coming to rest in the back of the cardboard-stuffed wine box.
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