Speed & Power, Heavy Draw less Draw Length -V- Lighter Draw Weight, Longer Draw

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    <font color="darkblue"><font face="Courier New"><strong><br><br>Hi Again All,<br><br>I bet it has been mentioned before, but I can't find it; but think I know the answers, just not certain.<br><br>So can someone tell me in general terms: how does very heavy draw strength required, for a shorter anchor point draw; stack up in comparison to a lighter draw strength, but much longer draw to nearly half butterfly ?.......<br><br>For of course the same weighted ammunition.<br><br>In anticipation of some assistance.<br><br>Cheers<br>'<br>Allan</strong></font></font>
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    In general, as long as there is a certain minimum amount of rubber, draw length and weight are interchangeable. <br><br>Means, 80 cm of a draw at 10 kg will deliver about the same speed as 160 cm at 5 kg.