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Greetings, slingshot lovers!<br><br>I'm here to introduce myself with this quick post.<br><br>I'm from Brazil and since I was a little kid I appreciate the savoir-faire and effectiveness of slingshots.<br><br>Since I discovered Jörg Sprave's Youtube channel I've been following his job and I must say: this guy is the best out there when the subject is ingenuity for making slingshots. Always coming with new slingshot ideas, unique and flawless designs with neat horsepower.<br><br>Jörg Sprave, my sincere congratulations and keep up the good work! Maybe one day the world will recognize you as the king of slingshots as I do.<br><br>Peace, guys! <img src="" alt="Cool" longdesc="6">
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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